Security guards guarding hundreds of millions of maotai liquor but “not stealing”?The old factory director broke the sky

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Guide language: the security guard of Maotai distillery, guarding the maotai wine of one trillion but “do not steal to drink”?The old factory director broke sky machine before the work needs, had the honor to maotai winery.To that look, really experienced the “I do not know the true face of Lushan, only the body in the mountain” mood, to know maotai brewery is very large, and facilities, personnel management is very in place.Passing by several large metal cans, I saw maotai brewery arranged with security guards, and I guessed that the value of moutai liquor guarded by security guards was at least one trillion yuan.But it is very magical that they see so much Maotai every day, but “do not steal” the wine inside, why?As the saying goes, “a thief at home is hard to guard against.” The Maotai distillery should be worried about its employees drinking maotai liquor, but in fact, they are calm and calm. What’s the problem?While scratching their heads, the old factory director broke sky machine, let’s have a look.First, there is no need to steal the drink. ① Contact is not “real Moutai”. Take the guards of the Moutai distillery for example, the metal cans they guard are actually used to hold the original Moutai liquor, that is, the newly fermented liquor.The original wine is made by daqu Kunsha technology and belongs to new wine, so it is not so particular about the storage container.But although the body quality of the original wine has been very high, but the taste is poor, must use old base wine hook, make drink more palatable.The key to high quality maotai wine lies in the age and blending technique of the base wine, which is stored in pottery jars.It can be seen that the moutai guarded by security guards is not “real Moutai”, at most can only be said to be a prototype, taste is not satisfactory, so there is no need to “steal”.The guards are not the only ones. The rest of the staff have little access to real Moutai.Because the process of Moutai is complex and the production process is fine to every step, most employees can only see a “miniature” and will not drink it secretly.As a large listed company, Maotai Brewery is super friendly to its employees.According to statistics from previous years, the average annual income of each Maotai distillery employee can reach 310,000 yuan, and the benefits are very good, for example, four bottles of Maotai wine are directly given as welfare during the Spring Festival.So, employees don’t have to steal the drink at all, just wait for it to be handed out.In fact, the truth is very simple, a word is “other people’s is good”.Most of the time, we just “eat in the bowl, watch in the pot”, thinking that moutai employees (security guards) have the advantage of getting the first moon, but in fact, after tired of watching and drinking, they are not keen on drinking Moutai.Second, Maotai distillery has relevant provisions maotai distillery reputation is well-known at home and abroad, basically every year there are relevant personnel to visit.Each time visitors are received, moutai distillery will prepare some mixed Moutai liquor in advance, waiting for guests to taste, but not finished wine is not allowed to take out.The maotai distillery has strict regulations on the source and destination of bottles and free liquor for tasting. Whenever it is drunk or taken out, it can be found one by one.Both moutai’s security guards and other employees know this and are not taking any chances.But out of maotai distillery is not necessarily, after all, Maotai so “noble”, always someone can not help but “steal”.For example, a supermarket has revealed that employees who quit their jobs stole Maotai. It is said that because they owe a lot of foreign debt, they saw that a bottle of expensive Moutai is hard to find, so they became “evil”.After stealing them, they sold them at below-market prices and made huge profits, worth more than $120,000.After reading it, I found that the security guards (employees) in Maotai winery had the advantage of “not stealing”, but this kind of incident happened outside the winery, which is really thought-making.But a lot of people after watching, very envy Moutai brewery security, that it does not matter, every day watching the heart is also flattered, have to say, such people are absolutely Moutai’s “number one fan”, what do you think?Editor: Orange peel