Shimano’s 100th birthday marks a record high in sales and revenues

2022-05-26 0 By

Last year marked the centenary of Shimano’s founding, and the company recorded record sales and operating income, thanks largely to its boom in the bicycle industry.Company-wide, Shimano’s sales rose 44.6 percent last year from 2020, while operating income rose 79.3 percent, a record high.Among them, Shimano bicycle unit’s net sales rose 49.0% to 443.7 billion yen ($3.8 billion), while operating income rose 82.7% to 125.2 billion yen.Bike-related sales in 2021 were up 41 percent from 2015, the previous record year.Sales at Shimano’s fishing tackle unit rose 28.1% to 102.4 billion yen.Fishing accounts for 19 per cent of Shimano’s business.Non-cycling and fishing businesses totalled y447m, or about 0.1 per cent of Shimano’s total business.Company-wide sales were 546.515 billion yen, up 44.6 percent from the previous year.The company’s operating revenue was 148.287 million yen, up 79.3% from 2021.Earnings per share were 1,252.62 yen, up from 684.71 yen in 2020.Shimano expects sales to grow 6.1 percent by fiscal 2022, with company-wide sales reaching 580 billion yen and operating income of 161 billion yen.Edit: HCY Image: Resource gallery