“The World” Luo Shibin is to blame, the last words of water flow, Zhou Bingkun sad “take over”

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The life of Zhou Bingkun has been rewritten by Luo Shibin.Yu Zhen is recognizable as Luo Shibin in The World.Instead of portraying positive characters, He was a bad guy, committed a crime, and died a violent death, perhaps as a result of retribution.People Zhou Bingkun this week’s old pimple could have been in the “Ji hall restaurant” was called “kun total”, looked at the wages more than before, but also into the book society, self-confidence can be promoted, but Luo Shibin to steal love, to rob his son Zhou Nan, a tragedy.Luo Shibin fell to the floor was thrown into a vegetable, and then died, Zhou Bingkun for his impulsive behavior to pay a painful price, prison for more than 10 years.The enmity between Zhou Bingkun and Luo Shibin is naturally not without water artesian.Sun Zhihong’s role as water artesian in The World gives the character a different quality.Although there are not many scenes, each time shui Ziliu appears, it gives people a sense of restraint and mystery, which may be related to the actor’s personal temperament. Sun Zhihong graduated from the Central Opera in 2007, and has worked as a model for print and TV commercials.Water artesian deathbed there is a request for Zhou Bingkun, words tearful eyes.In those years, Luo shibin, Water artesian and Tu Zhiqiang are good friends, mixed with the society.One day, three people in Tu Zhiqiang home wine, as Tu Zhiqiang’s wife, Zheng Juan cooking in the kitchen.Tu Zhiqiang very drunk, drunk to the end of the bowl of wine to feed the water artesian mouth, visible, two big man relationship some ambiguous.Drink drink red face neck thick Luo Shibin saw Zheng Juan that sultry figure, take the opportunity to rape.At that time, Luo Shibin is completely venting animal desire, he did not feel guilty about Zheng Juan, not to mention responsible.Even after Zheng Juan gave birth to Zhou Nan, knowing that it is his son, Luo Shibin regardless of.Or water artesian thoughts and friendship with Tu Zhiqiang, just proposed to send Zheng Juan mother and son 30 yuan a month to live.Mr Locke was reluctant to pay at first, but reluctantly, not voluntarily.After many years, Shuiliu and Loisbin made a fortune selling tapes, small household appliances and other items.Rich luo Shibin for a while to get married with meng Meng, for a while with ginkgo.People hear ginkgo pregnant, Luo Shibin directly curse, let her roll.Because Roshibin knew he was infertile, the problem was beaten in prison.People and water aridity persuade Luo Shibin, or with ghostgo good farewell, Luo Shibin also made mistakes in his youth, accurate is to make a crime.Tu Zhiqiang was shot because of murder, who is the murderer?Tu Zhiqiang thought he was drunk after killing, in fact, is the top package for Luo Shibin.If Tu Zhiqiang does not plead guilty, water artesian as the eldest brother, also difficult to avoid involvement.This is why the water artesian in the execution of his hat off, to tu Zhiqiang wear the main reason.People can say that for so many years, Luo Shibin has been zheng Juan mother and son behind, rich on the drunkard, drunk, until he can not have children, Luo Shibin does not want to die, just think of his son with Zheng Juan.In order to get the son, Luo Shibin to Zheng Juan kneeling beg, boast their not easy.The person luo Shibin to Zheng Juan’s deep harm, from meet again, Zheng Juan directly leng god, you can see.More image is a point, in the winter, Zheng Juan wearing sweater walking outdoors, Luo Shibin put his clothes on Zheng Juan, Zheng Juan suddenly shiver, the man is her nightmare.Zheng Juan did not tell Zhou Bingkun this matter, just with the eldest brother sister-in-law about it.At this time, Zhou Bingyi is deputy director of the provincial Party Policy Research Office, he told his brother and sister, if Luo Shibin came again, let him go to the office theory.Zheng Juan hanging heart, finally put down.Zhou bingyi did not expect that Luo Shibin would not give up.Luo Shibin and Zhou Bingkun, in the son of this matter, are weak legal awareness.Luo Shibin is used to speculating and exploiting loopholes in the law. He only invoked the law when he knew he was breaking the law but was inclined to sophistry. Such a man would not fight for the right to be a father through legal channels.In order to return to the son, Luo Shibin secretly went to the school near zhou Nan, said he was Zhou Nan’s own father.Luo Shibin drives a car, a successful look, but also assured that Zhou Nan will live the best life, will send his son to the United States to study.A middle school student, I heard that in addition to Zhou Bingkun, there is a very rich father, Zhou Nan was tempted.At this time zhou Nan and cousin Feng Yue (Zhou Rong and Feng Huarong’s daughter) puppy love, Feng Yue also feel Zhou Nan recognize Luo Shibin this biological father, is not a bad thing.So Luo Shibin and Zhou Nan exchanges frequently, and was finally found by Zhou Bingkun.Zhou Bingkun is very angry, on the one hand angry luo Shibin shameless, on the other hand lament Zhou Nan is a “white eyed Wolf”.Zhou Bingkun think and luo Shibin as a person suing itself is a great shame, and Zhou Nan is not his own son, Zhou Bingkun dont believe the law will give zhou Nan to him.Now, Zhou Nan’s heart has clearly been bought by Luo Shibin in the past, which makes Zhou Bingkun feel chill.Because Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei cannot have children, Zhou Bingkun has a plan, such as his youngest son Zhou Cong into a good boy, and then a few years older, he will take the initiative to adopt Zhou Cong to his brother, he only left Zhou Nan this son.It looks like this plan is going to fizzle out.Luo Shibin, frequently in front of Zhou Bingkun show off, said Zhou Nan is his “kind”, this let Zhou Bingkun intolerable.On one occasion, Zhou bingkun took out a cigarette and took a few puffs, then suddenly burned Luo shibin with the end of the cigarette, causing Luo Shibin to scream and flee.Once again, in the corridor of “Passepartout” company, in order to fight for his son, Zhou Bingkun and Luo Shibin wrestling together, the body of the corridor guardrail suddenly collapsed, two people fell at the same time, Luo Shibin below, Zhou Bingkun lying on Luo Shibin’s body.The consequences were severe. Luo Shibin was seriously injured, sent to the hospital, and became a vegetable.Luo shibin died in the second year of Chow’s sentence.Zhou Bingkun was sentenced to 15 years in prison, as a result of the positive sentence, plus Hao Dongmei mother’s death struggle, 12 years later, Zhou Bingkun released from prison.Zhou Nan finally learned the truth of his life experience, he is grateful to Zhou Bingkun’s upbringing.Zhou Nan studied hard and worked hard. He was sent to study abroad. He was positive and successful in his studies.Eventually, Zhou Nan in order to protect teachers and students, in the university classroom was shot by a gunman.Zhou Nan’s end, tears.Zheng Juan went abroad to pick up the ashes of the eldest son back, buried in his brother Zheng Guangming north tuo temple outside the pine forest.Zheng Juan flatly gave up the $100,000 pension, which makes Zhou Cong and Feng Yue feel uncomfortable.In order to repay the soul, water self-flow in jichun city opened a bookstore, want to meet the spiritual pursuit of the citizens.In the bookstore, shui Artesian and Chow Bingkun meet again.Water artesian know Zhou Bingkun’s past, also reminded, Luo Shibin will go to fight for his son, let Zhou Bingkun early plan.In the end, childless water is dying, the only thing he can’t put down is the bookstore, I hope after his death, the bookstore can still open.At this time, Tang Xiangyang, as a company executive, but can not bear the will of artesian water, thought of Zhou Bingkun.Zhou Bingkun to visit the dying water self-flow, do not want to mention about Zheng Juan’s age.Water artware in order to let Zhou Bingkun can take over the bookstore, or say, if it is not his role, Zhou Bingkun will not know Zheng Juan, Luo Shibin also does not agree to send money to Zheng Juan mother and son.Zhou Bingkun has promised to water artware will, but at this time Zhou Bingkun isolated from society for more than 10 years, more than 50 years old also did not have a formal job, only with Zheng Juan in the new home “hope new area” housing first floor facade selling steamed stuffed bun and other pastry.Zhou bingkun is worried about losing money by opening a bookstore. After all, he doesn’t have much money and can’t afford it.Zhou Bingkun thought of Shao Jingwen, to help the water artesian this busy, not Shao Jingwen.You have, under the guidance of Shao Jingwen, Zhou Bingkun quit his job in the soy sauce factory and “went into the sea”.Zhou Bingkun lost the state-run unit staff, but make more money than before, he taught Zheng Juan to ride a bicycle, a happy wife bought a permanent brand bicycle, but unfortunately, just bought a new car, Zheng Juan only carry her mother-in-law to catch a trip to the temple fair, was stolen in his yard.Water artesian account, bookstore rent without Shao Jingwen money, water artesian friends will be out of the rent, Shao Jingwen is only responsible for the bookstore on the line.Open a bookstore, Shao Jingwen readily agreed, or to help Zhou Bingkun’s friends, Shao Jingwen was worthy.What the person regrets is, after water self-flow dies, Tang Xiangyang falls in the requirement of company boss, bought bookstore come down, instead foreign fast food inn.The reason is that fast food restaurants can make money and bookstores can lose money.When the Chinese people like to read books, such as open bookstores can make money, and then change the fast-food restaurant back to the bookstore.In the finale, Tang Xiangyang is jailed for economic crimes.Tang Xiangyang did not know that the purpose of opening the bookstore was not to make money, but to guide people to read more books, and to retain their own hearts of a pure land in the midst of the economic society.