A full-scale war?Russia’s response to the arrival of 90 tons of American arms at the Ukrainian border was sharp

2022-05-27 0 By

In recent days, the situation between Ukraine and Russia has gradually drawn attention from the outside world.Prodded by the United States, Russia finally lost its patience and launched a series of fierce exchanges with the United States over Ukraine.On the other side, the United States has not been idle, not only propagating the so-called “Russian invasion” in Ukraine, but also threatening to help Ukraine win the war.According to the US media, the Pentagon has made it clear that if Russia dares to act, the US will train a large number of Ukrainian soldiers in the area around Russia.It is worth noting that the United States in addition to publicly supporting Ukraine and Russia, but also crazy fire, trying to provoke a conflict between Ukraine and Russia.According to Russian media reports, while hyping up the russia-Ukraine situation, the US is also creating tension.According to sources, the U.S. has ordered the evacuation and the families of the embassy staff in Ukraine will leave the country as early as January 24.At the same time, the United States has publicly urged Americans to stay out of Ukraine.In addition, the United States has also invested heavily in sending 90 tons of military supplies directly to Ukraine.According to sources, the us military aid to Ukraine has arrived in Kiev.According to a plan drawn up by The Ukrainian side, the equipment will soon be delivered to the Border with Russia to counter what it calls the Russian threat.Most of the weapons are anti-tank missiles, adding to the more than 3,000 anti-tank systems that Britain has already supplied to Ukraine.The intention is clear: to use Ukraine’s hand to attack the 1,200 Russian tanks on display along the border with Russia.It has to be said that countries such as the UK and the US are counting their chickens very high.Not only will it sell its weapons, but it will also deal a blow to its old rival, Russia.But not all countries are fooled by America’s lies, and there are plenty of sensible voices in the West.For example, after the United States made this unprecedented move, Germany and France urgently came forward to “put out the fire”, calling on the United States to keep calm and actively safeguard the stability of the situation in Ukraine and Russia, but to add fuel to the fire.In addition to Germany and France emergency “fire”, the United Nations also urgently issued an appeal, hope that the United States can behave itself.In response, the Russian Foreign ministry said the us and UK arms shipments to Ukraine confirmed Russia’s concern that western countries were covering up preparations for “military provocation” with rumours of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine.