Chinese winter Olympics star performance is not good criticism by netizens, Wang Meng domantly defended, the reason is moving

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In Beijing Winter Olympics, in addition to the Olympic athletes in the field of struggle, in the outside commentary seat, there is a commentary commentator has become the focus of national attention.The commentator is the former Olympic champion, short track speed skating king Wang Meng.Wang Meng’s strength in short track speed skating is needless to say. Who else can win the gold medal in backhanded speed skating?And wang Meng, who sits on the comment table, has countless fans with her continuous golden words.However, in a competition conducted recently, Wang Meng was rare to their own players angry.At that time, she said angrily on the commentary stand, I want to go on the court, I will just mouth…You are wasting national resources.”However, when many netizens to the poor performance of the Chinese players to blame and criticism, Wang Meng stood out again, domiantly defend, the reason is moving.At present, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games men’s short track speed skating 1,500 meters race has ended, won by the South Korean short track speed skating one elder brother Hwang Dae-hun.However, in the quarterfinals, the performance of Sun Long, a young Chinese player, caused a great deal of controversy.At the time, he clocked 2:19.244, finishing fourth in his group and missing out.The following women’s 1000 meters short track speed skating competition, the Chinese women’s team athletes are scrambling to see this scene.Commentator Wang Meng heart feeling.Think of Sun Long in the attitude of the game, directly said such words: “I want to be in the field, I directly a big mouth……You (Sun Long) are wasting national resources.What’s the matter with Sun Long?Generally speaking, when commentating on a match, commentators do not criticize a player excessively, especially their own.But Wang Meng such words, it is clear that is really angry.Originally, Sun Long in the game really there is no small problem.About 15 seconds into the race, when the outside Italian player chose to surpass, Sun Long did not have any expression, directly let the Italian player very easy to complete the surpass.And in the competition since then, Sun Long was constantly surpassed by the opponent, from the second to the second last position.But in his attempt to complete the pass, but gave way to the American competitor to achieve the pass, Sun Long became the last.In the end, Sun long failed to pass many times and finished the race in the last place.Looking at the whole match, Sun Long was not decisive enough in the match, it felt like he didn’t try his best to get the goal.Therefore, Wang Meng was very angry about his attitude towards the competition and said directly, “You don’t take yourself as a big brother. When this boy competed in Germany, he was sent home by me with a plane ticket.I don’t like athletes to pose like this, you are a young team member, you dare not fight dare not fight, dare not go beyond their own breakthrough, give you a chance to do what, directly a big mouth.”Wang Meng’s attitude is understandable, because after all, on the one hand, Wang Meng has the right to criticize them, on the other hand, Sun Long’s performance is really not good, which is not the embodiment of his real strength.After Wang Meng criticized Sun Long, many netizens went to Sun Long’s social media platform to criticize and question him, which is in fact an online storm.The harm of net violence, we all know, Chinese skater Zhu Yi had a similar experience a few days ago.And after seeing many net friends to Sun Long net violence, the true temperament of Wang Meng can not sit still.She stood out, domineerly said: I can scold him (Sun Long), but you can not scold.As for the reason, Wang Meng said, “I have taught him that I love him so much that I have no responsibility to him. Don’t hit him with the net. I have feelings for him.Indeed, Wang Meng certainly has the qualification to criticize Sun Long. He is not only the senior of the national team, but also his teacher.The reason why Wang Meng criticizes Sun Long so much is because of his deep love.We also hope that Wang Meng’s criticism can be a good medicine for Sun Long’s growth.Finally, I also hope that the netizens do not go to the network violence others, this is really bad, after all, the tragedy of the network violence, is not rare.