“Live broadcast with post” +40 on-site job fair, Longgang online and offline efforts to help enterprises recruit talents

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176 companies entered the venue, offering more than 2,600 jobs and attracting nearly 1,000 job seekers.On February 16, the 2022 “South Guangdong Spring Warming and Spring Breeze Action” public welfare job fair was officially launched in Longgang District, and 708 people were hired that day.The positions involve industries with severe labor shortages, such as electronic information, artificial intelligence and biomedicine.At the same time, The Human Resources Bureau of Longgang District also carefully planned the “appointment job broadcast room” live post service, inviting a number of key employment enterprises in the district, providing more than 700 positions, attracting more than 4,000 people to watch.In the morning of February 16, the reporter entered the “South Guangdong Spring warming and Spring Breeze action” public welfare job fair “dating job broadcast room” in Longgang district, the host and the relevant person in charge of the employer incarnated as a network anchor, promoting the position of the enterprise.In particular, as soon as the head of each enterprise goes online, he or she will recruit in a special way, from job types to salary and salary, from welfare to corporate culture, one by one to make a detailed introduction, in order to attract the attention of job seekers.Live with the guard.”This is the first time that our company has tried live-streaming, which greatly improves the efficiency of recruitment.”Shenzhen the fai dragon biological technology co., LTD. Human resources specialist nurse maggie tells a reporter, a live band for job seekers to more comprehensive, direct understanding of the unit of choose and employ persons post demand, pull close the distance between job seekers and unit of choose and employ persons not only, also meet the demand of the diversity of enterprise development for talent, improve the overall effect of online recruitment.During the live broadcast, the applicants responded enthusiastically, and everyone left a message on the interactive platform: “This live broadcast form is good, you can also find a job at home, awesome!””Hopefully there will be more of these live shows.”Hold at least 20 on-site job fairs offline recruitment site, employers thirsty for talent, hard to hire talent, job seekers are a lot of choices.Candidate Mr Zhang told reporters that he was through the “nan yue spring and the spring breeze action” poster guide came to the scene of the recruitment, and the induction intention is a technology company on the spot, also registered “longgang district recruitment information service platform” by obtained more convenient channels, and intends to give friends platform promotion.It is understood that longgang District 2022 “Spring Breeze Action” will continue until the end of March, send recruitment into the community, into the factory, into the park, at least 20 on-site recruitment fairs, to effectively alleviate the problem of the general shortage of workers after the holiday.At the same time, about 20 on-site job fairs will be organized in the streets of Longgang District, and more than 3,500 enterprises have signed up to participate.In the first quarter of 2022, Longgang District and Street linkage will hold at least 40 on-site job fairs, which can basically meet the offline recruitment needs of most enterprises in the district.At the job fair.In the face of the periodic “recruitment difficulties” encountered by enterprises during the Spring Festival, Longgang District planned, deployed and opened a new bureau in advance, actively connected with local resources, and made the “Recruitment Service List for Assisting Enterprises” in the Year of the Tiger, and planned 100 activities throughout the year.Recently, longgang is launched intense employment work deployment, labor supply and demand in the fields, a series of online recruitment, key enterprises “one-to-one” service measures, such as one thousand ways to widen the channel of the attract, through various online platforms, such as the public, the APP launches enterprise employee information, help enterprise to hire only.Next, the district Human Resources Bureau will also introduce the city talent group according to the employment needs of enterprises to help enterprises recruit talents;With the cooperation of various streets, high-quality human resource institutions and vocational colleges, various job fairs and matchmaking meetings will be held at any time to meet the urgent needs of enterprises and think about what enterprises want, give full play to the role of building platforms to serve enterprises, and provide strong human resources support for the realization of high-quality development of Longgang District.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com