Nanjing Yakang oral shallow sleep dental implant spring charity walk

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My dentures have to be cleaned after every meal, which is very troublesome.My denture is always uncomfortable, pressing against the mucous membrane.The doctor said: I need to grind out the healthy teeth around it to hold it in place.A bit of a pity.Is there a way to make a denture that is comfortable and does not require replacement of healthy surrounding teeth?Dental implants are precise and painless implants that are inserted into the missing area of a tooth.The artificial root forms a hard bond with the alveolar bone, and an artificial crown is placed on the top to provide steady support.Implants are self-supporting dentures that don’t damage healthy neighbors and share bite force with other teeth.Therefore, it is better for the health of the other teeth in the mouth and is the closest way to natural dentures, known as deciduous teeth.After permanent teeth, human “third tooth” has become the first choice for missing teeth repair.What is the process of dental implants?Generally speaking, the dental implant process can be basically divided into two stages. The first stage is the dental implant surgery stage, that is, the dental implant is surgically implanted into the alveolar bone.In the second stage of implant repair, the upper crown can be repaired after the back implant is healed in the alveolar bone for about 2-3 months.Eating bones lengthens the wait for healing.Depending on alveolar bone conditions and selective cultivation systems, the entire cultivation cycle may be about 2 months shorter.It could take more than a year.In addition, there are immediate implants and immediate repair after tooth extraction, as long as do once, basically can be completed.(David Asher).Does old person suit to plant tooth, does implant tooth have requirement to age?Can plant this basically depends on systemic health condition and local gum bone condition, do not have direct relation with age.According to the literature, there are more than 90 years old dental implants.Generally speaking, adults over the age of 18 are suitable for dental implants as long as they allow general health and local osteogenesis.How many implant tooth operation can be done after unplug tooth?Depending on the specific situation, implants can be placed immediately after tooth extraction, or in advance within 1-2 months after tooth extraction.Or delay implantation after three months of extraction, which is now recommended in most cases.In addition, it is best to find an implant doctor before pulling teeth.Know what kind of culture is suitable and decide on the plan before extraction.Is implant surgery a terrible operation?Will the patient feel pain during the implantation?Dental implant surgery is actually similar to outpatient surgery for tooth extraction, especially for patients with good alveolar bone conditions.In dental implant surgery, imported anesthetics and local infiltration anesthetics are generally used. The injection volume is very small, but the effect is very good. The selected needle is very fine.And generally in the needle before anesthesia, the application of painless anesthesia machine, the effect is better, so the process can basically painless.Implant tooth is foreign body eventually, can you have uncomfortable feeling?Is it safe in humans?The culture is usually made of pure titanium material with some active treatment on the surface, good biocompatibility, good safety and no uncomfortable feeling.Basically the same as their own natural teeth, there is no bad effect on the human body.This has been clinically proven for more than 60 years.How long is the life span of dental implants?Under the same conditions, the life of dental implants is significantly longer than that of other traditional dental methods. According to the literature, the overall 10-year maintenance rate can reach more than 95%.In theory, as long as they are kept well, they can continue to be used just like natural teeth.Are dental implants expensive?Dental implants cost more than traditional restoration methods, but in fact, compared with foreign countries, the price is not high at all, or even much lower.In addition, in the long run, the price of domestic implants is lower than that of traditional dentures.To avoid the cost of follow-up treatment.In order to avoid implant failure, what should patients pay attention to before and after implant?Reasonable preoperative design, correct intraoperative cultivation location, well-made cultivated prostheses, postoperative oral hygiene maintenance and regular examination will significantly reduce the failure rate of dental implants, so it is recommended to go to a formal medical institution.Traditional dental implants can not well meet the needs of patients with tooth loss. Nanjing shallow sleep dental implants make up for the related defects of traditional implants.