Red Flag E-HS9 welcome to the appreciation can test drive

2022-05-27 0 By

Test drive line:17095632970 All series of 36 periods of interest-free, down payment as low as 20%, up to four years of loan to buy a car value up to 8000 yuan luxury gift package (some models) professional replacement evaluation,High subsidies can enjoy ten thousand yuan replacement old customers turn to introduce new customer success handing out $1000 oil card to buy the red flag all vehicle three lifetime all can enjoy a free policy (free lifetime road rescue, lifelong free door-to-door pick up the car, free lifetime warranty, 4 years of free maintenance / 100000 km) of health care, teachers, civil servants, elite customers enjoy extra subsidies for the exquisite gift to send aTest drive Coordinates: No. 28, Xiangche Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City (Second row, International Automobile City