Sanhe, Hebei: Commuters entering and returning to Beijing with a nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours and a Beijing-Hebei Commuter permit

2022-05-27 0 By

According to the official wechat account of Sanhe, in accordance with the current epidemic prevention and control policies of Beijing and Hebei, Sanhe city has advised the following matters concerning entering and returning to Beijing: 1. Commuters who have tested negative for nucleic acid within 48 hours and obtained the Beijing-Hebei Commuter Permit should follow local epidemic prevention and control policies upon entering and returning to Beijing.Other personnel shall not enter Beijing or return to the corridor unless necessary.(1) in special circumstances, it is necessary to come to Beijing: (1) a negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 48 hours;2. Certificate of Departure from the Corridor issued by the township, street office or government department at or above the county level;3. Sign the Letter of Commitment for Epidemic Prevention and Safety outside the Corridor.(2) those who are obliged to return to Sanhe Under special circumstances: (1) holding a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours;2. Sanhe ID card, residence permit, house ownership certificate, residence certificate or work unit certificate;3. Sign the Letter of Commitment for Staff Entering (Returning) the Corridor.4. Report to the village, community or employer where you live or work in advance.