The source of the Yellow River, the song is happiness

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Sonan Zhuoma who sings happiness.In the middle of winter, the cold wind carries scattered snowflakes in the urban area of Maduo County, Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the first county at the source of the Yellow River.But that did not stop more than 15,000 local people from celebrating the first Spring Festival since the quake.”Heh heh…Fall wood tashi, tashi delek shoo!”(Happy New Year, good luck means) the prelude of the original traditional folk song is thrown into the sky by the clear and resounding sound line.On January 31, the 30th day of the Lunar New Year, 27 contestants selected from 32 administrative villages (communities) in maduo county gathered in groups to attend the first original folk song competition of Maduo County during the Spring Festival.The auditorium of madau County Party School, which can hold more than 600 people, was filled with singers, almost all of them singing about the happy life after the earthquake.”The party’s care covered the cracks of the earthquake, and we lived happily under the care of our ‘mother’ like children…”Sonan Zhuoma, the no. 19 singer from Huashi Xia Community, Huashi Xia Town, Maduo County, won the first place in the competition with her Tibetan folk song, which she arranged and wrote her own words.”What’s it called?””Call it happiness!”(Next to the second edition) Tibetan original ecological folk songs can be sung freely under the traditional melody without any title.In keeping with the meaning of the lyrics, Sonanzhuoma gave her completely realistic folk song a title.She told reporters that she prepared for the folk song contest for more than a month and changed the lyrics several times. The inspiration came from her costume, which costs more than 20,000 yuan.”On the day of the earthquake, we were trying to escape, and all the valuables were left in the house.”Sonan Droma told how firefighters rushed into the cracked house despite aftershocks to save her jewelry and clothes.And guided her out of her panic, checking carefully to see if there were any belongings left in the house.During the post-earthquake resettlement period, how did the Party and the government immediately help her, her family and her livestock to survive the winter?Sonan Zhuoma deftly opened the photos of the house after the earthquake from her mobile phone album. The courtyard wall cracked and tilted, the window glass was broken, and the shed she built almost collapsed…”This is home for four months after the earthquake.”Flipping out photos of her restored “new home,” Sonan Zouma looks happy: “The doors have been replaced with thicker security doors, the Windows are double insulated, and the exterior walls are covered with insulation.”To Sonan Droma’s relief, in addition to the renovation of the interior walls and roof beams, the local government has kindly asked workers to replace the old indoor electrical wiring and rearrange the wiring to ensure the safety of electricity.From the initial feeling of being moved to the later feeling of being down-to-earth, the Tibetan girl wrote her gratitude into her simple lyrics: “It is you who sent back my property. I was afraid that we could repair the house and send food to you. At last, you left quietly without drinking milk tea.”And Sonan Zhuoma conversation, always standing in the side of the only make although not a word, but his eyes have been revealing a certain look.”It is not enough to hear, but to see, too.”Just make issued an invitation, hospitality, reporters along the way to the west, the destination is his home in Maduo County Zhaling Lake township, Le na village.Walking into the neat yard, my mother was carrying boxes of candy and drinks bought from the county supermarket.Inside, two barefoot and shirt-clad children are chasing each other.A number of red songs, such as “Fluttering red Flag” and “Sing a folk song to the Party,” play on a loop on the Bluetooth speaker.But what CAI Nao really wanted to show this reporter was a locker full of rice, flour and oil, as well as enough grass and pellets in the forage shed for his 120-odd yaks to last for more than 10 days when the mountains were snowed by snow.”The government thinks very carefully.”Just make tell a reporter, September 26 last year they moved into a new “new home”, but let originally have been very satisfied he did not think of is, he actually also received coal subsidy and winter subsidy funds.”What’s more, the family doctors in the village come to the house for physical examination more frequently than before, and leave medicine for amah to lower blood pressure, and also special cold medicine for the children!””Without the care of the Party and the government after the earthquake, life could not be so good!”He’s not the only one who’s saying this.At 7:30 PM, the fireworks of maduo County town Square to celebrate the New Year blossomed. Under the gorgeous fireworks, the herdsmen danced happily in guozhuang and sang melodic folk songs, telling about their happy life after the earthquake.Qinghai Daily (February 3, 2022, the first edition: Front page) statement: All the above contents are original manuscripts of Qinghai Daily, unless the source is indicated. Reprinting without written permission is strictly prohibited.