Xiaowangzhuang Town to hold the 2022 Economic Work Conference and Rural Revitalization Promotion: we will do our utmost to visit and research and make full efforts to move forward

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In 2022, the strategic goal is to build a demonstration town integrating industry and village and a model town for rural revitalization, and establish three industrial directions: a strong town with modern agricultural industry, a featured town with clean energy, and a famous town for rural leisure, culture and tourism.Each village in accordance with the requirements of “one village, one product, one Internet celebrity” to build the leading industry, highlighting the integration of the three industries, to form the overall industrial chain of one, two and three;Establish cooperatives to improve the level of organization and science and technology;In 2021, Dukou Village was rated as a typical case of national rural culture civilization;The National Demonstration Park for integrated Development of Rural industries has been included in the new District as one of the three levers for rural revitalization.The case of “Fireworks blowing down golden pears to help farmers and warm coastal areas” was evaluated as one of the ten classic cases of “I do practical things for the masses” in Tianjin;Recently, Xiaowangzhuang Town held the 2022 Economic work Conference and rural revitalization promotion meeting, summarized the economic work in 2021, analyzed the economic development situation, and arranged the deployment of economic and rural revitalization tasks in 2022.The meeting pointed out that in 2021, the whole town will be encouraged by the traditional Xiaowangzhuang spirit of high unity, not afraid of difficulties, and dare to fight tough battles, and emboldened by the new Xiaowangzhuang spirit of seizing opportunities, daring to think and do, and taking the initiative to develop, and all undertakings have made comprehensive progress.Village was named the national local custom civilization which ferry typical cases, the national rural industrial convergence development demonstration garden in new rural revitalization of one of the three largest gripper, “” fireworks” blown pear Many help farmers to warm coastal “case” I does the practical work for the masses “as tianjin ten classic cases, new district to carry out the” double carbon “social” zero carbon “of the construction of the small town by small WangZhuang Town is responsible for the implementation.The meeting stressed that in 2022, the economic and social work of Xiaowangzhuang Town should be strategically planned around the main contradiction between the people’s demand for comprehensive rural revitalization and the current revitalization level is not high and the revitalization ability is not strong.With the strategic goal of building a demonstration town integrating industry and village and a model town for rural revitalization, the three industrial directions of modern agricultural industry strong town, clean energy characteristic town and rural leisure culture and tourism famous town have been established. With ten economic construction projects as tactics and strategies, the overall layout has promoted economic and industrial development.Enhancing the Party’s Leadership The development concept focuses on enhancing the party’s capacity and strengthening the Party’s leadership in an all-round way.Small wangzhuang town party committee will deepen theoretical study, tree firm purpose consciousness, and constantly improve political “three forces”.Strengthen strategic thinking, around the strategic objectives, planning work layout.Strengthen the system of thinking, learn to calculate the big account, to look at the overall situation, long-term.Strengthen the first line of thinking, find problems in the first line, to find ways to solve problems for the first line.Encourage outside investigation, further broaden the horizon, broaden the mind.We have the courage to shoulder our responsibilities, strengthen our historical initiative, and live up to our youth.We will upgrade the concept of development and comprehensively promote high-quality development.Xiaowangzhuang town will expand the leading industry, around the direction of the three industries for investment selection, each village in accordance with the requirements of “one village, one product, one network celebrity” to create the leading industry.We should highlight the integration of the three industries, and pay attention to the extension of the industrial chain, extending to seed research and development in the first place, and deep processing and cultural tourism in the second place, forming an overall industrial chain of one, two and three.Raise the level of industry, set up cooperatives, improve the level of organization, science and technology, reduce costs, improve quality.Strengthen marketing shortcomings, set up a special marketing group, strengthen brand construction, broaden channels, build a stable and reliable sales system.The Party secretary of Xiaowangzhuang Town also visited 20 administrative villages, including Liugangzhuang village, Xiaoxinzhuang Village and Dongshushen Village, to get a detailed understanding of the agricultural operation, land resources and economic development of each village, and held a symposium to understand the work ideas of each village in 2022.Symposium, small Wangzhuang town responsible person according to the actual situation of each village, pointed out the future development direction of each village.Require each village thinking plan clear, clear leading industry;Village secretaries should set up management thinking, develop collective economy, realize scale effect, improve income level, and promote the wealth of all villagers with the prosperity of village collective;Deepen grid management, build people’s livelihood brand, improve the enthusiasm of the people, organize more villagers to participate in brand building, to improve the well-being of the people;We will continue to guide party building and strengthen community-level governance.Source: Bincheng Times