Xingyang Capital Road: Jiatiqi share experience to activate the new power of autonomy

2022-05-27 0 By

Elephant news reporter Zeng Tao Yang Zhenghua Lin Yang to better promote the area of existing residential elevator work, benefit more area residents.On February 18, 9 a.m., xingyang city road street TieLong community family members’ hospital held a tax official with elevator will experience sharing, ding, deputy director of the Beijing office property of room canal bureau chief wang lei family members’ hospital, henan JieYu elevator company, the revenue from the tube will LouYuan Xu Chuanming and jurisdiction, director of the owner on behalf of more than 30 people were invited to attend.The meeting unfolded in a joyous atmosphere.Wang Lei, section chief of the Housing Authority, gave a detailed introduction of the policy of installing elevators in existing residential buildings of Xingyang City in 2022, and is revising the elevator policy to make it more convenient and beneficial to people.Ding Ning, deputy director of the Beijing Office, said that the streets and communities will actively cooperate with the building and try their best to communicate and coordinate with the building that is willing to increase the ladder.Tielong community specially invited Xu Chuanming, director of self-management Committee of xingyang City Tax Bureau, which completed the installation of the elevator head, to introduce and share his experience.From the complete process of installing elevators, to the difficulties he encountered in the middle period, to how to do the ideological work of the residents well, he was full of details. During this period, he experienced many difficulties and the task was heavy. He and his team of self-management association members overcame many difficulties with his most firm faith, the most honest service and the strongest working ability.On January 5, 2022, 3 elevators in Building 1 were finally successfully operated.Afterwards, the resident representative who has the intention to install spoke freely, from the policy subsidy, handling procedure, apportionment plan, confusion and question carried on the spot question.City housing management bureau, elevator company and so on to answer one by one.Xu Chuanming, director of the management Association, gave detailed answers to some difficult questions in the work and shared the feelings of installing the elevator.He said: “As an organizer, we must have the spirit of dedication, sacrifice and perseverance, and guarantee the party spirit, personality and conscience. Only by standing upright and sitting up straight can we really accomplish things and do good things for the residents.”Finally, a group of people went to the family courtyard of the Tax Bureau to ride and feel the scene, and the elevator side also went to the south and east longxiang courtyard to investigate the scene.Zhang Juan, secretary of Tielong community Branch, said:”The add elevator experience sharing session to add the old village ladder bring convenience and benefit, make the huimin cake to do well, benefit more people, to improve people’s well-being and quality of life, real let people smile on the face, sweet in my heart, at the same time, the ready-made experience to share, make later add ladder, experienced can borrow, have a way to follow,Avoid detours, keep up morale, and let projects benefit the people blossom everywhere.(Correspondent: Zhang Zhenzhen)