Hohhot Hui district guangming Road office through the Lantern Festival theme series of activities to carry out anti-cult propaganda

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Lantern Festival, also known as “Lantern Festival”, is the end of the Spring Festival, is also the beginning of the New Year, in order to promote the traditional Culture of the Chinese nation, to create a festive, peaceful atmosphere of the festival, recently, guangming Road office through the Lantern Festival theme series of activities to carry out anti-cult warning education propaganda.Enjoy dancing, folk custom, the cult, the lantern yangko team wearing bright clothes, hand take big fan, accompanied by lively drums of the movement, and figure as yangko music changing formation, a nifty expressions, exaggerated movements, made the audience laugh, happy lively scenes show the positive of people’s life and health upward,All feudal superstitions seem to have no place to hide here, and the haze and draw in the cult will eventually be joy, peace and festive atmosphere.To celebrate the Lantern Festival, guess lantern riddles, fight against evil cults and eat tangyuan, the Labor Union Committee of The Bright Road Office has organized cultural activities for guessing lantern riddles during the Lantern Festival. Meanwhile, communities have organized such activities as making Lantern Festival, drawing pictures and copying newspapers for the Lantern Festival by children, watching knowledge and television works of the Lantern Festival, gathering and eating yuanxiao, etc.At the event to celebrate the traditional folk festival at the same time to carry out the cult knowledge propaganda and q&a, through to participate in the activity of the masses to popularize knowledge of the cult, let everybody to grasp the method of distinguish cult, boycott the cult of the knowledge, is the cult ideology deeply rooted into people’s heart, for you future life enhancing ideological line.Through this series of activities, people understand the charm of Chinese traditional culture, and further deepen the neighborhood relations, enriched the jurisdiction the cultural life of the masses, and actively guide people advocating science and civilization in the life and work, the formation of healthy way of life, don’t believe that superstition, met a cult active disclosure report,All residents work together to maintain the stability and harmony of the social and political environment.(Contributed by Guangming Road Office)