Make an appointment for mourning, off-peak travel…”Epidemic” in the current civilization of remembrance

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Zhejiang Province News (reporter Gao Yaoyao Zhang Xiaodong correspondent Jin Changai) “Little sister, tomb-sweeping Day is coming, recently the domestic epidemic situation is grim, we will not go back this year, please replace us to the dead relatives grave.”A few days ago, Yuhang street lake village villagers Ms. Hu received the perennial business brother sent news, asked her to carry out the Qingming festival as a representative.”You can rest assured that I will bring your thoughts to you.””She replied.With the peak of the qingming Festival coming, many citizens actively responded to the call for epidemic prevention and control and selected representatives to participate in the activities.At the same time, in order to ensure that the people have an ecological, civilized, safe Qingming Festival, Yuhang District comprehensive consideration of the risk of epidemic prevention and control and the needs of the masses, focus on the scientific control of efforts, in the evacuation of diversion, in the optimization of services out of practical advice, scientific mass mourning work.”Please show your health code and travel code, keep a safe distance of one meter, and pass in an orderly manner.”At 10 a.m., people will come to the cemetery at Yuhang Street.The staff at the gate strictly carried out temperature measurement, checked the health code, itinerary code and appointment code and other procedures for entering the park, set up “one meter line” for entering the park, and required people to wear masks throughout the park.During the Qingming Festival, the Cemetery provided disposable masks, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention materials to the visitors, and also conducted morning and evening disinfection of frequently used public places and facilities in the park to prevent and control the epidemic.”In strict accordance with quarantine requirements, we have an appointment system with five sessions per day, and the maximum number of appointments per session is 2,000.No one from medium-high risk areas will be allowed to enter the tomb area.”Yuhang street department of manpower minister Shen Chunliang said.The reporter learned from the district civil affairs bureau that this year yuhang district bottle kiln ashes cemetery, Yuhang Fenghuang Mountain cemetery, leisure forest ashes cemetery 3 large-scale operation of the cemetery to implement online appointment for worship.Residents can check the number of people who visit the cemetery at any time through the wechat official account of Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau. They can also make an appointment for visiting the cemetery without an appointment.Some special groups, such as the elderly, who are unable to sweep the “site code”, need to register with their ID cards before entering the site.According to the actual situation, all towns and streets will take measures such as reservation, time-sharing, peak shifting and flow limiting to control the number of people for the sacrificial service at public cemeteries and reduce the gathering of people.The cremated ashes storage room shall suspend the entry of indoor worship, and the worship shall be conducted in the designated outdoor place;Vigorously advocate the green and civilized safe worship in the form of “cloud worship” without cross-provincial or cross-regional worship;Yuhang district 4 operating cemeteries and other units announced the telephone to provide the public with funeral services.In addition, the district civil affairs bureau also led the qingming festival martyrs’s special work team, in conjunction with WeiJian, emergency, public security, Lin clear division of labor, water, agriculture and other related departments to carry out the responsibility, a joint inspection unit of each funeral service epidemic prevention and control and security work, completes the evacuation, shunt, peak management, traffic guidance, fire control, ritual supplies management, prevent people cluster together,Strictly prevent fire hazards, traffic and other safety accidents.Up to now, the cemeteries in Yuhang District have received 130,000 visitors.Luo Xiaobo, a staff member of the district Civil affairs Bureau, said that the following, will also strengthen the inspection of the funeral work units, effectively do a good job in the service guarantee.Citizens are urged not to gather in crowds, abide by travel requirements such as booking, scanning codes, limiting traffic and wearing masks, strictly abide by epidemic prevention and control policies, and carry out ritual sweeps in a civilized manner.(Source: Website of Yuhang District Government of Hangzhou)