The latest notice of returning to the gorge after the Spring Festival

2022-05-28 0 By

COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters office of Sanmenxia City on Epidemic Prevention and Control of People coming to (returning from) Sanmenxia City after The HolidayAs the Spring Festival holiday has ended, a new round of large-scale movement of people returning to work and school has begun. In order to scientifically and accurately carry out the prevention and control of the epidemic among people coming to or returning to Zhuhai after the holiday, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:Those who return to the city area must report to their village (community) and work unit 3 days in advance, with detailed information such as arrival (return) schedule and method, health status, travel and residence history within 14 days, occupation and so on.If unable to report in advance, please report to your village (community) within 24 hours after arrival.Persons from outside (returning) to Zhuhai and persons from affected cities in The province shall provide negative nucleic acid test proof within 48 hours upon arrival.Those who fail to do so should take a nucleic acid test within 24 hours upon arrival and monitor their health.People from medium-high risk areas will not return to China temporarily.2. Strict and accurate management.All government organs, enterprises and public institutions should strictly fulfill their primary responsibilities and earnestly implement regular epidemic prevention and control measures, such as temperature measurement, code scanning and wearing masks.Health screening and travel screening will be carried out for those returning to work after the Holiday, and nucleic acid tests will be taken for those returning from outside the city or region.All medical institutions pre-check, triage and fever clinics conduct rigorous and meticulous screening of people coming or returning from key areas under control to ensure that screening and verification of people coming or returning from key areas are in place and precise control and control are in place, so as to quickly cut off the chain and channels for the spread of the epidemic to local areas.Third, strengthen investigation and verification.All localities should strengthen the investigation of migrant workers from within and outside their jurisdiction in accordance with the principle of territorial management.Each township (street) should timely track and grasp the information of migrant workers from inside and outside the jurisdiction, including the source, number and health of the personnel, check and register one by one;Market regulators at all levels should guide and mobilize individual businesses in their jurisdictions to actively participate in epidemic prevention and control, and urge the implementation of various prevention and control measures, such as scanning codes, taking body temperature and wearing masks, to create a good atmosphere for epidemic prevention and control.Four, get ready for school.Each school shall prepare for the opening of classes according to the time required by the special education class, and the specific opening time shall be separately notified by the special education class.The staff must return 14 days before the start of the semester and strictly implement the requirements of nucleic acid testing and home health monitoring for 14 days.Before the term begins, schools and training institutions under the jurisdiction shall not organize all kinds of on-site classroom activities such as making up lessons, answering questions and counseling.Fifth, strengthen organizational leadership.Local governments, departments, units and individuals should take responsibility for the prevention and control of the epidemic, implement all measures to ensure its services, and coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic with social and economic development.February 7, 2022