Today two brush, pure knock yan, the mouth of the sky

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Drama shortage of friends to see ~ recently for everyone recommended a lot of plot more Korean drama.I believe you have not watched for a period of time only sweet love, love, supplemented by the plot of the Korean drama.Next we are going to talk about this play, contains the handsome quantity is too high, especially can satisfy the girl fantasy, it is — “Ambiguous convenience store” this play only has one heroine, but four handsome men like her at the same time.All the heroine has to do is to choose the one she likes best from the four handsome men and associate with him.Obviously, this drama is a very short b female to instant noodles drama, anyway, the whole aunt laugh, sweet and can relax mood ~ this drama heroine Lu Pearl (Cui Zhixiu) one morning with steamed bag walking on the road, just want to bite, was knocked down by the man walking opposite, in the hands of the steamed bag dropped on the ground…When the steamed bag fell on the floor, of course she stopped people to reason with it.Who knew when they looked at each other, they turned out to be handsome.Yan Control lu Pearl not only do not care about, and a bit of heart.The fate of Lu Pearl and this handsome boy is more than this.Because – Lu Pearl on the Internet and friends chat that the other party grabbed the concert tickets, but that day there are convenience store part-time, so Lu Pearl promised to help each other in the convenience store part-time.When she arrived at the convenience store, she realized that her online friend was the handsome guy who had bumped into her steamed bag on the roadside.The two became friendlier as a result.Lu Pearl encountered the first difficult problem when part-time job, the boy wants the phone to him.But Lu Pearl once made such a joke, and misunderstood others.So she didn’t give out her number.But the boy was very direct and said, “I like my sister. I just want her phone number.”Good straight ball boy, so this lovely dog dog year male call bong Zai hyun (all zai hyun).Do likes his sister and asks her for her phone number.He would buy his sister time and invite her to the movies.Is this the way modern brothers go after people?!Lu’s part-time job ended that day, but her online friend came back and told her she could resume her formal work.Because he is the store manager, Kim Dong-hyun store manager saw lu Pearl very like this job.If the guy on the first day was cute, the second guy couldn’t be more different.He is a proud part-time student, Cheng Xiubin.Lu Pearl could not help teasing him behind, but did not expect to be turned back to take a mobile phone part-time students heard.Die……They turn into enemies before they get along.The third customer came into the convenience store, the handsome and cold Bo Qiao Tuan Zheng Woo-suk.But he and Jewel lu were arguing about a bottle of milk.They both liked this brand of milk, but there was only one bottle.On her first day on the job, Ms. Lu came to a conclusion: It was strange to be a store manager, a part-timer and a guest.At the same time, Lu Pearl through and the manager chat to know that in addition to high cold Zheng Yusuk no guests like to buy the milk.The store manager orders every day for one customer.But when the store manager learned that Lu Zhuzhu also liked to drink the milk, he said he would increase its stock.Store manager smile and warm and intimate, his smile infectious good strong!Lv Pearl in the convenience store high chair did not stand accidentally fell down, just came to the proud jiao part-time student Zheng Xiubin around the waist.Oh, shit. She’s on it again…It may be said that Lu Pearl’s attraction was entirely one-sided.Not, the four boys here and she is the heart of the double arrow, each handsome boy to Lu Pearl produced a good impression.There was an argument between the four.This play and other similar plays have a different place.The finale had viewers vote online for the lead actor.South Koreans are having a good time voting online to decide who will play the leading man.As an audience member, which one do you pick?At the end of the day, I have to admit that it’s a little mindless Mary Sue, and a little middle two;But from a girl’s point of view, it’s so girly.This kind of dream can only be found in TV series!Four men chasing a woman, in short is very attractive also very enchanted.Which one do I choose?Kids make choices. I want adults.