Volunteers in Qilu braved the cold weather to offer love to children with autism

2022-05-28 0 By

Qilu Evening News • Qilu Yipoint reporter Wang Li recently, Qilu volunteers Yue Cong, Song Jian and university student volunteers Yi Chenchen braved the cold to jinan Xingshen Special Children care Center, and sent two trucks of oil, rice, noodles and fresh fruits to send warmth to children with autism.Spring Festival is approaching, university student volunteer Yi Chenchen found qilu volunteers, Ji ‘nan Liu Chengfang source artist volunteer group huaiyin branch head Yue Cong, want to use their holiday part-time work income to do public welfare activities dedicated to love, next to the community volunteer Song Jian listened to, said also want to take children, family to participate in public welfare activities.Everyone immediately separate action, bought 50 jin of rice, 50 jin of flour, 5 barrels of peanut oil, 30 jin of red Fuji apple, 40 jin of small kumquat, 25 jin kiwi.With two cars of Spring Festival goods, the volunteer team braved the cold weather to visit the Jinan Xingshen Special Children Care Center, visiting the autistic children living in the school and the teachers who stick to their posts.On January 22, it was snowing heavily and the school was moving. Only the teacher and a few students were still there.The teachers of Xingshen Special Children Care Center warmly received the volunteers, led them to visit the school, and explained autism related knowledge to the volunteers.Seeing that the school was moving, the volunteers immediately rolled up their sleeves to help carry things, sorted out the books, and moved the shelves and books downstairs…After two hours of volunteer service, the volunteers did every job conscientiously and won praise from the school teachers.Yi Chenchen, a volunteer at Jinjiang College of Sichuan University, said, “Participating in the charity event gave me a new understanding of autistic children and denied stereotypes about them.Although I could not communicate with autistic children for a long time, I understood that autistic children are just like other children, they just have their own independent thoughts and thinking world. We should care for them, help them grow up healthily and let them feel the love from the social family.”Yue Yixuan and Song Lanqi also took active action to do volunteer service. When they saw the pictures drawn by autistic children, they gave thumbs up.At the end of the volunteer activity, the two children said to their mother at the same time, “I will come to help in the future, to the children here to send delicious fruit.”Volunteer Song Guanghe told reporters, “Through this public service activity, I feel volunteer service is very meaningful!When I retire in three years, I will devote myself to public welfare, contributing my love to the society and helping those in need.”Yue Cong, a qilu volunteer, said that in the future, he would continue to do public welfare activities at the grassroots level to benefit the people, so that more and more people understand the public welfare, so that more and more people join the qilu volunteer team.”By participating in charity activities, we can not only help children in need, but also cultivate their charity.”