When Liu xin’s appeal was heard on February 16th, her lawyer said: “I used a club against an AK-47

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On February 16, 2022, the second trial of jiang Qiulian v. Liu Xin (current name: Liu Nuanxi) will be held in Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court, Shandong Province.In September 2016, Liu Xin, a Chinese female student studying in Japan, fell out with her ex-boyfriend Chen Shifeng and hid out in an apartment in Nakano District, Tokyo, rented by her friend Jiang Ge, who is also from Qingdao, Shandong Province.On the afternoon of November 2, 2016, Chen Shifeng went to the apartment to look for Liu Xin.Liu Xin was home alone and did not open the door.Both Jiang ge and Liu Xin sense danger.According to Japanese law, Liu Xin long time to live in Jiang Ge here illegal, two people did not report to the police after discussion.In the early morning of November 3, Chen Shifeng was going to kill Liu Xin at his place of residence.Jiang Ge unknown truth, go out and Chen Shifeng theory, Liu Xin hiding in the house locked the door.Jiang Ge was assassinated by Chen Shifeng.Chen Shifeng jiang Ge’s mother Jiang Qiulian believes that Liu Xin is guilty of jiang ge’s death.Liu Xin began to distance himself from the case and evade responsibility.Liu Xin is full of lies, selfish at the expense of others, cold-blooded and heartless rogue face soon exposed, Liu Xin’s parents also abused Jiang Qiulian.Liu Xin became an Internet sensation.On December 20, 2017, Chen Shifeng was sentenced to 20 years in prison by the Tokyo District Court on charges of intentional homicide and intimidation.Because “Jiang Ge case” has a great impact in Japan, Liu Xin could not find employment in Japan, had to return to China.In 2019, Liu Xin changed her name to Liu Nuanxi.He regularly posted provocative posts on Weibo and soon had 320,000 followers.Later was the title, also do not stop, for a vest to continue to join hands with people, intervals of time to Jiang Qiulian’s weibo below the release of comments, stimulate Jiang Qiulian.On Oct. 28, 2019, Jiang Qiulian, the mother of Jiang Ge, successfully filed a lawsuit against Liu Xin at the Chengyang District People’s Court in Qingdao city, Shandong Province, citing a dispute over the right to life.On April 15, 2021, the trial of jiang Qiulian v. Liu Xin (now known as Liu Nuanxi) right to life dispute.Mr. Liu did not appear in court.The focus of the dispute between the two parties on the spot is whether the tort liability claimed by the plaintiff is established.Jiang qiulian’s lawyer said the defendant’s wrongful conduct provided an opportunity for Chen to commit acts of aggression against Jiang Ge.The lawyer representing the defendant, Liu Xinfang, argued that Chen Shifeng should bear the responsibility for jiang ge’s death and that Liu Xin did not have any fault in the whole process of the incident and should not be held responsible in accordance with the law.Liu Xin lawyer Hu Guiyun because of the larger dispute between the two sides, the case is scheduled for sentencing.On January 10, 2022, the court heard the dispute over the right to life of Jiang Ge’s mother, Jiang Qiulian, v. Liu Xin (now known as Liu Nuanxi) and held that:Liu to warm the sunrise as friends and be rescuers of song jiang, for the infringement risk, introduced by its not truthfully to song jiang to inform and remind, in the face of the Chen Shifeng violation of immediate danger, in order to get their way to ignore other people’s life safety and to song jiang stopped outside their homes were killed, has obvious fault, shall bear the corresponding civil liability to pay compensation.The court made a first-instance judgment: the defendant Liu Nuoxi in the effective date of the judgment, within 10 days to compensate the plaintiff Jiang Qiulian for the economic loss of 496,000 yuan, and mental damage compensation of 200,000 yuan, and bear all the case costs.”Although the loss is not much, the victory of the lawsuit allows all parents to educate their children bravely and become kind-hearted and brave people like Jiang Ge, rather than selfish and cold-hearted people like Liu Xin,” commented a netizen “Jiazong lost my id”.Our society will always need justice and warmth.””I admire the mother for getting justice for her daughter with her persistence, and it is a wake-up call for those who put her life at risk for their own interests,” commented netizen Qianxi 911.Liu Xin appeals on January 11, Jiang Qiulian went to Beijing to hold a forum with the media, said that all the expenses for suing Liu Xin, there is an invoice record of 1.2 million yuan, he still dare not watch the death of Jiang Ge related video, audio.On January 19, Jiang qiulian decided not to appeal in a video posted on her weibo account.”This verdict has a deeply moving temperature,” she said. “What it praises and condemns is the understanding and comfort of what I have been through these years.”Liu Xin on the same day to continue to entrust her second second trial, ready to appeal.Liu’s defender, Hu Guiyun, filed an appeal at the post office on January 24.In his appeal letter, Liu xin argued that the factual evidence of the original ruling was insufficient and the law was wrongly applied, and asked the second-instance court to return the case for retrial or withdraw all the petitioners’ claims in accordance with the law.On February 11, hu Guiyun, a lawyer, also complained about the first-instance verdict on weibo, saying: “To borrow comments from netizens: It’s really sad. The two sides are completely unequal in strength. The other side is holding an AK47, and you have only a club.”Hu Guiyun, a lawyer with more than 830,000 followers on weibo, seems to be a tough nut to crack.I got a porcelain job this time. It seems to be diamond.The courage of Lawyer Hu Guiyun and Liu Xin to fight AK47 with sticks is commendable.In those days Liu Xin has this courage, is responsible for the trouble that causes for oneself, perhaps outsider Jiang Ge won’t die!Beijing Youth Daily interviewed Liu Xin about the case.Beijing Youth Daily: You said you would “act like an ox and act like a horse” to honor Jiang Ge’s mother. You are willing to give her more money than the first trial. Why?Liu Nuanxi: the first instance of the judgment is wrong, and did not restore the objective facts, not only can not settle disputes, but intensified the contradiction of both sides, more than one yuan is more.My filial piety to Jiang Ma is a simple emotion, which has nothing to do with the law. I just want to fulfill my filial piety on behalf of the third uncle. All my efforts are from my heart.Beijing Youth Daily interviewed Jiang Qiulian about the case.Beijing Youth Daily: “In the appeal, Liu Nuanxi said she was willing to give you more money than the verdict, but with her current ability, she can only say: SORRY!Do you accept this apology?”Chiu-lian Jiang: “This is a cat crying mouse performance.She would rather take the appeal fee, the lawyer’s fee to fight with me, never gave me a penny, never gave Jiang Ge a sincere apology.These words, these tricks are so bad, no one will believe them.I had seen through her family’s humanity long ago and would not believe it.”Liu Xin’s appeal is likely to be rejected. Under normal circumstances, Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court will reject liu Xin’s appeal and uphold the original judgment.Liu Xin reason is very simple, the chengyang District court after a long time to study the case, the verdict is legal and reasonable.Civil litigation, the amount of compensation, as long as not a big case, the higher court generally will not be rejected.Now drinking with friends, resulting in a drunk death, people drinking together, fight a lawsuit, each also get tens of thousands of yuan compensation.Like this case involving foreign cases of the lawsuit, Liu Xin in which the responsibility – to lead to disaster on the friend’s home, resulting in the rescue of her friend was killed, as the rescuer, compensation “Jiang Qiulian each economic loss of 496,000 yuan”, not much.Over the years, Liu Xin on the network to Jiang Qiulian’s injury, compensation for “spiritual damage compensation of 200,000 yuan”, also in the legal range.So, Liu Xin appeals, can win the probability is almost zero.Liu xin has already said he has no money and is ready to become a “Lao Lai”.Next, a new round of “doing” will take place.Fortunately, the court to deal with “Lao Lai”, experienced!