Zhuge Star City god special effects first burst, the sky special effects handsome cry, horological elements huge cool, Wu Zetian smiled

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Article │ Kerr game said the original distance from the Spring Festival only less than five days, king of Glory official finally broke the glory of zhuge Liang skin, the skin has been revealed the design theme and promotional video and skin skills and special effects.The design theme is based on the space and time of the stars, and these related elements are also used in the special effects of skills.The special effects of this skin are generally ok, all aspects of the production of cool, especially passive and big action special effects, but also hidden eggs.However, this skin has a place to let players have some confused, that is, this skin has some places and Wu Zetian’s glory collection skin has some similarities, how is the matter, let’s take a look.Zhuge Liang star City special effects first burst not to say more, first look at this skin special effects, first is the original poster, that is, the image of the lower left figure.According to the king’s official account, zhuge Liang’s decoration references the aristocratic costume of the Baroque period, with gorgeous gowns, flowing ribbons and a cool cape.The weapon in his hand is a mysterious space-time device with the sun, moon and clock patterns.Comparatively speaking, the modeling in the display animation is not so delicate. I don’t know whether it is because the official video is not hd enough. In short, the modeling looks a little rough compared with the original painting, giving a feeling of not so delicate.Then is this skin general attack special effects, hit the general attack is a blue ball, but also with a blue river tail, and in the hands of the Various Liang will appear a complex magic array, inside the four star is very eye-catching.Then look at the passive special effects. After the passive skill is triggered, five mirrors symbolizing time and space will emerge around Zhuge Liang. When the mirror rotates, it will also bring a blue tail.Another is the special effects of a skill, the special effects of a skill from the visual effects, the feeling is still pretty cool.Three diamond shaped instruments of phnom penh blue flew out, and there were golden circles around the instruments, and there would be a blue shadow in front of Zhuge Liang.Then there is the special effects of the second skill. According to the official description, the second skill moves between the time array and the space array, so the special effects of the starting point and the landing point are different. The starting point is the golden time array, and the landing point is the blue space array.Finally, big trick special effects, big trick special effects in the lock will emerge in front of zhuge Liang several pictures, the official description is different time and space portal, from which to absorb energy and then a beam of light to fly to the enemy.It is worth mentioning that the effect of big Fly-out comes in two forms, one light and one dark, both of which are triggered randomly.Wu Zetian smiled at zhuge Liang’s skin, which was very gorgeous and a significant improvement on the previous glory collection.However, this skin has a number of players feedback, and Wu Zetian’s glory skin a little bump “theme”.Wu Zetian’s glory collection is also a starry sky element, and with purple special effects, Zhuge Liang’s skin in some places is also so, so lead a lot of players to see this skin immediately think of the skin of Wu Zetian, and this skin special effects say there is no wu Zetian that gorgeous new idea.May have said that in general, zhuge Liang’s skin is worth buying, glory collection is more than a year, especially special effects, so zhuge Liang this skin no matter how also than the Queen Mother xuan, killer is not too cold these long ago glory collection skin quality is high.So if there is a glory crystal do not know what to exchange, then exchange zhuge Liang’s glory collection, at least can ensure that the next few years of this skin special effects will not lag behind, Wu Zetian’s glory collection is proof.And this skin also has some small eggs, such as the big move two forms, three death effects, so it is well worth redeemable.