14 team joint multi-department expressway central activity guardrail disassembly drill

2022-05-29 0 By

For highway and improve the emergency prevention and disposal ability, ensure that emergency occurs during Spring Festival, Spring Festival can timely, orderly and effectively carrying out emergency rescue work, January 24, 14 big team combined with six road team and guangxi guangdong expressway co., LTD., in the middle of the guangdong company administrative practice base for activities fence removal of training exercises.The main scenario of this exercise is to simulate the traffic blocking accident, and complete the traffic diversion work in the shortest time by removing and installing the central guardrail.First of all, the maintenance technician explained in detail the disassembly and assembly points, disassembly and assembly methods, tools and processes used by the central guardrail, and carried out the practical operation of the disassembly and assembly of the guardrail.All the participants listened to the explanation carefully, and carried out the practical operation of the central guardrail according to the disassembly and assembly skills.The drill aims to give full play to the linkage and rapid response mechanism of “police and road enterprises”, with traffic control on the scene of expressway emergencies, temporary diversion and peripheral diversion as the drill content, focusing on testing the emergency response ability of all participating units.After the exercise, the relevant departments made a summary of the exercise respectively, and also pointed out the problems existing in the exercise, emphasized the direction for future improvement, and clarified the joint working mode of timely response, quick disposal and full control for the cooperation between the three parties of “police and road enterprises” for emergencies.