China’s super difficult to reach a city, now there is no train, a “difficult to reach the sky”!

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Wang Anan travel, understand your travel: China super difficult to reach a city, now no train, to a “difficult to the sky”!I don’t know if you’ve heard the phrase:”Intones difficult, difficult to move on,” for now, here, the whole scenery is good, but because it really is very big, famous more critical is the road here is really not very good, for the understanding of this sentence is intones the road here is very difficult to walk, even here is comparable to the stars, so just can have such a word,But for now here in Sichuan, the overall difficulty of access is not so big, so here this sentence is a little out of date.But in the southwest of our country, there are still very difficult roads, and this is where we talk about the difficulty:Hardest to reach a city in China, now didn’t train, to a “it devilishly hard to”, this place is located in the Tibetan area of a place, can be a real days, and it can be said to be than ascend day also difficult, here is the Tibet motuo, ink to take off the whole presented here scenery in Tibet is a very good appearance,And the top of the mountain is very difficult to walk among the clouds.For today’s motuo county, here is a located in the southeast of the Tibet autonomous region scenic area, the local language translation here is a place is called hidden lotus China, in the 3.4 square kilometers of land, can say all of them are the mountains, and the mountains rise steeply, river pentium, all kinds of the scenery of snow mountain and so on are all very good,In addition, the canyon and abyss are all converging together. In Metuo County, there is a huge difference in altitude. The highest part of metuo county reaches into the sky, and the lowest part is only 155 meters, with an altitude difference of more than 7000 meters.Moreover motuo county, here is the yarlung zangbo river into the plains Indian Assam before flowing through the last town in China, and it is also one of the most remote town in southeastern Tibet, here is the most narrow canyon a canyon – Brahmaputra waters canyon, motuo county here only 900 meters above sea level,And there are countless snow-capped mountains that are hidden here, so it’s a very nice place and it’s a place hidden off the beaten track, also known as the plateau island.If for ink to take off the scenery here is quite good, so take advantage of this holiday with his family can come here to look at, but if you choose to come here to play, or to pay attention to the altitude, the overall elevation is high, after all, if your body is not very good, or do not recommend to come here to play,If you choose to visit here, be sure to monitor your body!Covering an area of 34,000 square kilometers and more than 7,000 meters above sea level, the real-life Version of Shu Road is quite steep