Do you have to have kids to get married?

2022-05-29 0 By

Although there are many people who choose to get married and have children after marriage, there are always some people who choose not to have children after marriage, so marriage does not necessarily mean having children.Whether or not to have children is everyone’s own choice, there is no absolute right answer, everyone has their own answer in mind.However, whether or not to have a child is not a unilateral decision of one person in a marriage, but a joint matter of the couple. Therefore, it is better for couples to communicate about childbearing in advance before getting married, so as to avoid conflicts and endless quarrels over childbearing in the future.If you’re a little confused about whether you want to have children, feel the difference between having children and not having children.Generally speaking, the difference is the difference between sweet and bitter.If it is to have a child, or to have a lot of children, relative to a family to pay a lot of costs.Not only is the process of birth very hard, the process of raising is very hard, to hard nearly twenty years to be able to raise children, and their life can have how many twenty years?And such twenty years are often the best twenty years of their life.Although it will take a lot of effort, children themselves will also become a sustenance of our life and make our life full of meaning, including when we get old, we can take care of them more.They can be more than a family connection, perhaps death will not be so terrible.Without having children, there is no doubt that they can have more time and energy to pursue their ideals and realize their own value when they are young, or simply enjoy their life and so on.After just oneself begin old age, even oneself partner, parents all left him first when, oneself whether also can feel lonely, lonely, old have no place to depend on?In fact, whether you get married or have children, is just a part of life. What kind of life you will have in this life is not what kind of choice you make, but what kind of choice you can make in the face of all kinds of choices.Marriage or birth, itself does not have much significance, only you strive to maintain their choice of marriage, so that marriage can lasting happiness;After giving birth to the child, love the child well, raise the child, so that the child can grow up physically and mentally healthy, that is the meaning.So it doesn’t matter whether you have children or not;Even marriage is good;As long as you can take the path you need to stick to after making whatever choice you choose, that’s fine.Best wishes ~