Great prophet Song Zude recommended men’s football coach, the football association is urgent discussion

2022-05-29 0 By

Mr. Song Zude, with a bachelor of engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University, a master’s degree from Shanghai Medical University, a doctor’s degree from Ocean University of China, and a doctor’s degree from The American University of Science and Technology, has solemnly submitted an application to the Chinese Football Association for approval to serve as the head coach of The Chinese men’s football Team, and the Chinese Football Association should be discussing it.Song Zude is brilliant, full of knowledge, especially insight into people, the development of things forward-looking unparalleled, is a rare rare talent.I hope the Football Association can consider carefully and let Song Zude enter the Chinese men’s football team. What The Chinese men’s football team lacks is not technology, but soul. Song Zude, who hates evil and dares to speak out, can give it completely.The problem is not that Song Zude does not know football, but that he is qualified to domesticate men’s football team. As long as Song Zude has the right to speak, he can make Chinese men’s football team grow soul and even faith, have the consciousness of winning glory for the country, dare to fight like women’s football team, and with the current technical literacy, they can step on Asia, jump on Europe and play all over the world!There is no doubt about it!Before taking office, Song Zude can follow Shui Qingxia as an intern for 3 to 6 months to learn her wise and decisive work style.With Song Zude’s prediction and Shui Qingxia’s wise decision, Song Zude will be the greatest head coach in Chinese men’s football team, who will be remembered forever in history!