LOL: Battle of the Twin Cities hit 100 million hits, but it’s not the most popular song

2022-05-29 0 By

In November last year, Fists released their first league of Legends animated series, Battle of Two Cities, and they made a music album featuring 11 songs to promote it.The album’s title song is Imagine Dragons’ “Feud”. The battle of the Two Cities animation team also created a video for the album, and Fist Game invited Imagine Dragons to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2021 World Finals.The special promotional song “Lonely Brave” in Chinese language region is very popular in China, with a very high popularity.And in overseas areas, “Enemy” is also very popular, the number of clicks visible to the eye continues to improve, this week every day more than a million new hits.On February 7, the video for “Feud” reached a new milestone on the official League of Legends YouTube channel, where it has been watched more than 100 million times!”Feud” was first released on October 28 last year, and reached the 100 million mark three months later. It is imagine Dragons’ 19th 100 million video and the 13th 100 million video on the official League of Legends channel.That’s a phenomenal increase, considering that K/DA’s MORE, released a year and a half ago, has only now racked up 130 million views.Fist game music brand, still worthy of trust.But “Nemesis” isn’t the fastest-rising video on the official League of Legends channel in the last two years. The fastest video was “The Call,” which was released last month.Just one month after its release, the promotional animation for the season has already been viewed more than 120 million times, making it the most viewed CG animation of the season in League of Legends history. 2019’s Awakening was just over 100 million.Interestingly, despite being a staple song of the animated series, “Nemesis” wasn’t the most listenable or loved.The Battle of Two Cities section of Reddit put together a multi-round elimination poll for the Battle of Two Cities album, and Nemesis didn’t even make the top five. After all, the album is a battle of gods.More than 3,000 players voted in the forum and the top song in the poll was “I Could Have”, the song from the end of the ninth episode of the cartoon, sung by Sting.It’s a very emotional song, and especially in the final scene of the animation, the choices Jinx makes make the song very impressive.