Legendary female director dies at 103

2022-05-29 0 By

Chen Wen-min, Taiwan’s first female film director, died on February 11 at the age of 103.On February 14, Nandu reporter learned from the official website of Taiwan’s cultural department that Chen Wenmin was born in SAN SAN district, New Taipei City, Taiwan, and is the descendant of a prominent local family.After marriage, she and her husband jointly invested to open daming Theater, solely responsible for the theater’s building materials procurement and supervision.In order to recover the box office decline, Chen wenmin took the initiative to direct, produce, scriptwriter and other work, thus becoming the first female director in Taiwan film history.Mr Chan.Mr Chan’s husband Lin early in the new north city triple area is doing to acquire the business of the empty jar, created here in 1940 “guoguang iron factory”, during they invested in factories, Banks, iron hardware store business, such as the most let Mr Chan was bothered by her personally responsible for the open cover, building materials, purchase and overseer of the theater.In 1954, “Daming Theater” was established by Chen Wenmin.After the completion of the theater, due to the initial box office failure, Chen took the initiative to select films and director work, and later began to write plays, helping the theater to turn a profit.Her creation content is mainly family ethics films, known as the “tear-jerker” of family ethics films in the 1950s. Her stories are close to the social environment at that time, discussing family and emotional problems at that time, which has touched many female audiences.Chen wenmin wrote and directed his works “The Vast Birds”, “Bitter Love”, “The Concubine Snatches her husband”, “The Poor Daughter-in-law” and “the beggar seeks a son-in-law”. He was good at exposing the tragedy of “the world’s ill-fated lover” and “the struggle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law”, which aroused media discussion at that time.Chen Yansheng, Chen wenmin’s son, recalled his mother, saying, “I remember when I was a child, my brothers and sisters had to chase trains with their big bags because they were going to play in outdoor cinemas all over Taiwan.My mom is a tough cookie, and that’s how we raised our family.”Source: Southern Metropolis Daily