Most of the “top ten” of the Tianjin Peking Opera House have now withdrawn from the Peking Opera stage

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The art of Peking Opera has been inherited for 200 years. In the past 200 years, there have been a lot of famous artists and actors, as well as many famous opera houses and troupes since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Today, I will talk about the “ten Top brands” of Tianjin Peking Opera Theater.Ma Shaoliang ma Shaoliang is a famous Peking Opera actor. He was once educated by Li Shaochun, Li Wanchun and other famous artists.Ma Shaoliang retired from the Tianjin Peking Opera And lived with his daughter in the United States.When He first arrived in Washington, Ma found that not many people liked Peking Opera. He joined the China Opera Society, which was organized by some local Chinese who loved the art of Peking Opera.The joining of Ma Shaoliang has injected new strength into the Chinese Drama Society. In recent years, many young and middle-aged fans have joined in.Yang Naipeng is a famous Peking Opera actor. He graduated from the Yang School and was taught by Yang Baozhong, Zhou Xiaotian and other famous artists.Yang Naipeng talent is excellent, sweet and bright voice, wide vocal range, mellow and vigorous, strong and soft.According to his personal conditions, he gave full play to his characteristics, collected the strengths of Yang, Yu and Ma, combined with his own conditions, gradually formed a distinct personal singing characteristics.Deng Muwei deng Muwei is a famous Peking Opera actor. She was born in qiu School and studied under the famous Peking Opera artist Fang Rongxiang.Deng Mu Wei has a thick wide bright, mellow voice, and the performance dignified and deep, free and easy easy, excellent for the door again pass disciples.He inherited the tradition and tried his best to work hard on the charm of expression, earnestly explored the charm of Qiu school art, and according to his own conditions, tried to find more suitable for the plot and characters of the singing method.Li Jingwen li jingwen was a famous Peking Opera actor. He was a member of the Mei School and was once taught by du Jinfang and Yang Ronghuan.Her singing charm is sweet, the performance is solemn and generous, starring her new plays are “Secret History of the Palace”, “Red Light Daughter”, “Long March and Mountains”, “Revenge of the Turbidan World” and modern drama “Red Light”, “Cuckoo Mountain” and so on.Wang Ping wang Ping, a famous Peking Opera actor, was trained by Tan Yuanshou, Li Huiliang and other famous artists.Wang Ping dressed up as a warrior, extraordinary spirit, solid foundation, both civil and military, quite artistic charm.Lili Lili is a famous Peking Opera actress. She was trained by Wang Zixian, Yang Ronghuan and other Peking Opera masters.Li Li’s voice is crisp and strong, her appearance is clear and elegant, her singing and reading are passionate and refreshing, and her performance is both literary and military. She has good innate conditions for learning Shang School, and her “Shang School” plays are quite vigorous and straight.Kang Wansheng kang Wansheng is a famous Peking Opera actor, gong Jingjiao, who studied in qiu School under the famous Peking Opera performing artist Fang Rongxiang.Kang Wansheng has a unique voice, his singing tone is the highest tone of Huamian — Zheng Gong tone, his singing style, both qiu Shengrong’s verve, temperament, and jin Shaoshan that huang Zhong Lu bearing.Zhang Youlin zhang Youlin is a famous Peking Opera actor. He has solid skills, handsome frame, fierce performance, fierce fighting, serious typhoon and excellent diving skills.No matter how long or short, he has made achievements, inherited his father’s style, and formed his own style.Zhang Xuemin zhang Xuemin is a famous Peking Opera actor. He was born in the Zhang School and studied under the famous Peking Opera master Zhang Junqiu.Zhang Xuemin looks beautiful, her voice is wide and mellow, full of lasting appeal.She keeps making progress in art, inheriting the charm of Mr. Zhang Junqiu in her plays of Zhang School, and is honored as the outstanding successor of Zhang School in China.Zhang Kerang Zhang Kerang is a famous Peking Opera actor. He was a student of Ma Lianliang, a Peking Opera master.The singing and reading performances are accurate and accurate, and the characters are vivid and standardized.