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Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Have you gone home? What is the epidemic prevention policy in your hometown?A press conference on epidemic prevention and control was held in Shenzhen at 0:00 today.All the medium-risk areas were cleared on January 26. At 0:00 today, all the containment, control and prevention areas in Shenzhen have been lifted. The city has moved into a state of normal prevention and control, and people’s work and life have returned to normal.During the Spring Festival, people are still advised to take personal protection measures, such as wearing masks and staying one meter apart, and various departments have joined hands to provide services for people.Since January 7, shenzhen has reported a total of 18 cases of the 01·07 Delta epidemic and 01·15 and 01·18 unrelated Omicron epidemic.At present, 4 patients have been cured and discharged from hospital, while 14 are hospitalized in stable condition.Lin Hancheng, second-level inspector of Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, said that ‍‍ had achieved zero new cases in the community for 17 consecutive days since the first case was discovered on the night of January 6 and the last case of ‍‍ was reported in the community on January 12.Except for the first case, the 15 cases ‍‍ were all found in the screening of the closely connected key population, belonging to the same transmission chain and related to each other. ‍‍ chain was clear, the epidemic mainly involved local areas of Luohu district and Longgang District, and The Epidemic did not cause spread and spilsion.”January 15″ Epidemic risk basically eliminated ‍‍ Since the first and last case was found in nucleic acid screening on January 15, ‍‍ has achieved zero new cases for 14 consecutive days, and the spread of the epidemic has basically eliminated the risk of spread.The case was discovered during routine testing of international crew members in hotels and high-risk posts under closed-loop management.The survey showed that the red zone management was strictly implemented during the period, and there was no contact with local people, no community activities, and the epidemic risk was low.Lin Hancheng reminded that ‍‍, although the three epidemic cases are basically under control, ‍‍ should be highly alert to the continued development of international epidemic, as well as the risk of local epidemic spread in China.During the Spring Festival travel rush, people leaving Shenzhen can travel with the green health code. ‍‍ will implement temperature scanning and mask prevention and control measures, and will no longer carry out the control measures of leaving Shenzhen with a negative nucleic acid certificate of 48 hours.Strictly restrict going to ‍‍ medium-high risk areas and the flags of the counties and districts where they are located, ‍‍ will not go to other counties and districts where the cities of medium-high risk areas are located if it is not necessary, aganist will avoid non-essential cross-border travel and try to avoid going to land border port cities outside the province.Those who have been living in medium-high risk areas within the past 14 days ‍‍ and those who have been living in cities or cities with local positive cases are required to report at once ‍‍.In the past 14 days, for visitors to Shenzhen with a history of living and traveling in land border port cities, ‍‍ shall implement the “four one” health management and 14-day self-monitoring health monitoring measures. ‍‍ shall, after the migration of migrants from other provinces, complete a novel coronavirus nucleic acid test within 48 hours and strengthen self-monitoring of health.In addition, ‍‍ colleges and universities or enterprises with a large number of migrant workers may require students or migrant workers to return to school or post with negative nucleic acid test certificate of ‍‍ within 48 hours.Enterprises and institutions should urge their personnel to take the initiative to declare the Spring Festival trip when returning to shenzhen, and take the initiative to cooperate with the community to do a good job in epidemic prevention.For free!On January 29, the city of Zhongshan announced that it would provide nucleic acid testing free of charge to people returning to zhongshan from outside the province to prevent and control the epidemic before and after the Spring Festival.The mini program is now available. Before March 15, residents returning to Zhongshan from outside Guangdong Province can make an appointment for free testing at a designated sampling site immediately upon arrival in Zhongshan.Do not go out until the test results are available.Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, a press conference was held on January 29 to introduce the epidemic prevention and control work during the Holiday.The Joint Prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council has once again made clear requirements for the implementation of epidemic prevention policies, which can be summarized as “five prohibitions”.Travel restrictions shall not be expanded at will;The scope of travel restrictions shall not be extended from medium – and high-risk areas to the local cities and provinces;People returning from low-risk areas shall not be forced to return or quarantined in a centralized manner.The period of centralized quarantine observation and home health monitoring shall not be arbitrarily extended.It was revealed at the meeting that the Comprehensive team of The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism set up a public message board on the home page of the NHC’s official website.Problems encountered by people on their way home can be reported on the message board, and relevant departments will carefully verify and urge rectification.(Sources: Shenzhen Health Commission, Zhongshan News Release, CCTV News, Xinhua News Agency) * If you have copyright problems, please contact this website.