The husband owes the net borrows the fake death to cheat protect, the wife really holds the children to die for love, obtains punishment 6 years the mother family dissatisfaction

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The husband on the way out of the car fell river whereabouts unknown, the wife heartbroken with a pair of children jumped into the river suicide.Unexpectedly, the husband suddenly appeared the second day after the death of his wife and children, filmed video crying, surrendered to the public security bureau that day.In 2018, a tragedy in Xinhua County, Hunan Province, attracted wide attention online.Two years later, the suspect, He Yong (pseudonym), was sentenced to six years in prison and fined 30,000 yuan in the court’s second trial for fraud.He Yong lost personal freedom not only, wife and children go because of him, more let him regret for life.The family of Dai Guihua (pseudonym), the deceased wife of He Yong, was not satisfied with the verdict.Dai Osmanthus’s cousin Dai Xiaochen believes that He Yong led to the death of his cousin, why “can not be sentenced to some more”.And cousin affection with her sisters, for several years, many dreams, in the hometown unity village, she and cousin lived together in the old house frolic, cousin wearing a beautiful clothes, is still young, happily shouted: “in this world, I just feel the most beautiful here, good memories!”Dai lost his parents and married his sweetheart Dai Xiaochen, who grew up with his cousin Dai Osmanthus.When Dai Guihua was five years old, her mother died of illness, and her father spent all the money he earned doing odd jobs in the field on wine. As a result, he died suddenly when Dai Guihua was ten years old.Orphaned Dai Guihua, had to move to xinhua County unity village, and grandmother, uncle family life.Dai is grateful for her grandmother’s care. “It’s my grandmother who gave me a second chance at life,” she said.When I was a child, Dai Osmanthus always played with her cousin Dai Xiaochen. There was a river behind the rented house. The two sisters often went to the river to catch fish and touch shrimp, and got along very well.But the taste of the host is always bad, Dai Guihua lack of parents love, life is very frugal, because embarrassed and grandma, uncle mouth to money, Dai Guihua read junior high school money are earned by themselves.When the two sisters sat and talked, Dai always said that she hoped to have a warm home and a loving husband in the future.Because of the high school tuition fees, after graduating from junior high school, Dai Guihua went to guangdong to work, in Guangdong for eight years, saved a little savings.As she grew older, her family began to introduce her to partners, and she would go on blind dates every time she returned home during the Spring Festival.But the phase of dozens of young men, dai Osmanthus look not on the eye.One of them is the son of a ceramic factory owner, the only child in the family, economic conditions are good, but dai Guihua was rejected by “long five or three thick”.Dai Guihua once described to her cousin Dai Xiaochen what she thought prince Charming would look like — bookish and gentle.In 2012, Dai Osmanthus really waited for his “prince charming” — he Yong, a fellow countryman of three years old than her.Dai Guihua lived as He Yong more than 20 miles away from unity village in the evening ping village, there are two brothers and a sister, he also worked in Shenzhen, with his brother in foxconn assembly line work, and later delivered express.And Dai Guihua know, he is in his hometown fish.He Yong home conditions are not good, Dai Osmanthus’s family is not satisfied with her, but Dai Osmanthus thinks he “with a pair of glasses, grow white and thin”, very in line with their own standards, so after seeing the first side, two people talked about love.Dai and He yong got married in February 2013 after dating for four months.The Dai family clearly remembered that on the day of their marriage, Dai Guihua took out the money saved by her own working and the money given by her grandmother, and took away more than 100,000 dowry.In the eyes of the Dai family, the couple married life is very happy, every time Dai Osmanthus with He Yong back, eat two people exchange chicken legs, Dai Osmanthus called He Yong “baby”, he Yong called her “wife”, several sisters feel shy.Later, Dai Guihua has given birth to a son and a daughter, the establishment of a family of four, but also “lucky, moved” hanging in the mouth.Dai Guihua took a dowry of more than 100,000 yuan. In 2016, due to the acquisition of homestead, she received more than 300,000 yuan in compensation, adding up to more than 400,000 yuan, which is a large deposit in rural areas.But dai’s family began to feel something was wrong, and since 2016, Dai has been borrowing money from relatives in various ways.”She reported the good rather than the bad, and none of us thought she would be short of money.”Dai xiaochen said.After dai Guihua got married, she went to Guangdong to work with her husband. In 2016, He Yong heard that he could make money by renting a car online, so he returned home with his wife, bought a car with the down payment and rented it in the county seat.Dai Guihua took a son and daughter, in xinhua county rent a house, he did not go to work.That period of time, Dai Xiaochen and cousin contact more up.Every time they met, the two sisters would meet at the mall or park outside, so that Dai xiaochen had no idea where her cousin lived and knew nothing about her family.Only later did Dai realize something was wrong with her cousin.Dai Guihua’s sister-in-law, Li Hui, works in a pottery factory in the countryside. She rarely contacts Dai Guihua because of the distance.In October 2017, she suddenly received a phone call from Dai Guihua, asking her if she had 10,000 yuan to lend her to open a fruit shop in the county, Li Hui agreed without thinking.However, before long, Dai Guihua put forward to borrow 20,000, said to buy a house in the city.That night, Dai Guihua and her husband came to the house, to write down a piece of iOU, and borrowed twenty thousand.When the fruit store didn’t open and the house wasn’t bought, Li hui realized something was wrong: “She was lying to me.”Dai Guihua also borrowed money from his cousin Dai Xiaochen, one thousand two thousand each time, looking very anxious, said he must get the money.Once, Dai Guihua put forward to borrow ten thousand yuan, said he Yong was admitted to the hospital.Dai Xiaochen was short of money and suggested 5,000 yuan.Dai Osmanthus in the telephone said: “five thousand not, must ten thousand yuan, or the hospital will not see a doctor.”Dai Xiaochen had to borrow another five thousand yuan and gave it to her cousin.Dai family do not understand, Dai Osmanthus clearly has more than four hundred thousand deposits, her husband He Yong is also in the sports car, how not so short of money, however, as He Yong disappeared, the event is more complicated and confusing, even dai Osmanthus to a dead end.He Yong lost contact with his wife, Dai Guihua, without warning on September 16, 2018, after telling her he had to take a guest to Changsha.Since then, Dai Osmanthus began to worry about her husband’s safety in the circle of friends, but there is no clue.That a few days time, Dai Osmanthus should not only look for her husband, but also face the huge pressure imposed by her husband’s family.Where the family think, it is because Dai Guihua does not go to work, disorderly spending, resulting in he Yong pressure, long distance whereabouts unknown.Dai Guihua could not say: “I am not not working, is to take care of the children at home!”In the face of great pressure, Dai Guihua lost weight day by day.On September 30, Dai received a call from a car rental company saying that He Yong had rented their car and had not returned it on time.Car rental company according to the car GPS, all the way to the edge of the river, found the car rut.Dai Osmanthus immediately felt the situation was not good, hurriedly called the police.The next day, the missing vehicle was fished out from zijiang river, he Yong’s ID card was found in the car, but his whereabouts are unknown.The salvage of the car Dai Osmanthus that her husband may have drowned, at the moment have the idea of suicide.Seeing her emotion, the police hurriedly comforted her, saying, “The body has not been found, so we can’t say that the person is dead. Even if he is dead, you still have to prop up the house for the sake of the two children.”At that time, Dai Guihua was in a trance, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing.She gave up her county rental and went back to live with her family.Her family advised her, “Even if you are lost, you can marry again if you have a suitable opportunity.”Dai Osmanthus shook her head: “later also don’t marry, with two children.”Dai saw her family for the last time when her son returned to school on Oct. 7 after the National Day holiday.On October 10, Dai guihua posted a “last letter” of 1,311 characters on her wechat moments.She wrote: Now I don’t know if you (He Yong) are still alive, but I miss you so much every day that I have lost my desire to live…..I also bear some people’s mouth, they put the responsibility on me, if my parents in, maybe the result will be different…..I have nothing to say. This is my life. Let’s end it with my life.Dai Guihua’s circle of friends issued, immediately caused the attention of friends and relatives, we have to go out to find someone, and request “someone see must stop her”, but it was too late.At around 12 noon on Oct 10, surveillance video from a cotton factory showed Dai guihua holding her three-year-old daughter in one arm and her four-year-old son in the other at a pond near the cotton factory.She took out the old scarf, a pair of children’s feet tightly trapped together, and then thrown into the fish pond, and then he also walked into……The second day of the incident, Dai Guihua and a son and daughter’s body was fished out of the water, are drowning.He Yong On October 12, missing for several days he Yong suddenly appeared, returned to his hometown Xinhua County.He knelt on a grass, mouth chanting: “is dad stupid, hid you…..Dad shouldn’t have done that.”He then showed up at the police station and gave himself up.After an investigation, the police found that He yong owed more than 100,000 yuan in loans to multiple loan platforms.They also found that on September 7, He yong paid 1,699 yuan for a million-yuan travel insurance policy from Ping An Insurance Company, with the beneficiaries listed in his and his wife Dai Guihua’s names.According to the regulation, if He Yong died in a traffic accident, the beneficiary is Dai Guihua.He Yong confessed that the incident of driving into the river is his brewing, creating the illusion of car destruction, the purpose is to defraud insurance money.The reason why I choose to do so is that the net loan drove me into a corner.And what let him absolutely do not think of is, his false death cheats protect, let wife become true unexpectedly, taking a pair of children to die in love.Net borroweth harm, be in debt to deceive protect at the beginning, the feeling of he Yong and wife Dai Osmanthus flower is really good, added a son in two years time a daughter.After the family returned to their hometown of Xinhua County, He Yong heard that the income of online car booking is good, so he also borrowed money to buy a car, running to rent.The reality was not as rosy as He yong imagined. Although his family was not rich, they pampered the youngest son and rarely let him work.After he started renting, he could only earn two to three thousand yuan a month from fishing for three days and drying his net for two days, leaving little left except his 1,500 yuan car loan and 500 yuan rent.To make matters worse, my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy a year and seven months after she was born.In order to see a doctor for his daughter, He Yong once raised money on the fundraising platform, and then scraped together more than 100,000 yuan to see a doctor for his daughter.But his daughter needed money to see a doctor, car loan and rent, and his son had to spend 2,000 yuan a month on kindergarten. He yong was out of breath under the heavy financial burden, so he had an extreme idea.Dai guihua’s “last letter” began in 2016, he Yong began to borrow money through online loan platforms.According to the investigation, He has borrowed at least 132 times from at least 58 loan platforms, with high interest rates and paying 5,000 to 6,000 yuan a month even with the interest alone.Homestead compensation has been allocated more than 300,000, have been used for loan turnover, wasted, even his wife Dai Guihua name also has more than a dozen loans.By the time of the incident, he Yong still had more than 100, 000 loans outstanding.The He Yong that deeps loan vortex cannot find better solution, thought of to fake death to cheat insurance then.In his plan, when he “dies” and his wife gets the insurance payout, the crisis will be resolved.”I was going to hide for a while and take my wife and kids out when it was over.”He yong said.What let he Yong did not expect however is, Dai Osmanthus unexpectedly so spoony, do not wish one person to survive at the world she, taking a pair of children to commit suicide to die for love actually, caused together thereby because cheat protect and the suicide tragedy that has.In fact, according to the relevant provisions of the General Principles of civil Law, an interested party whose whereabouts are unknown due to an accident can apply to the court for death only after two years have passed since the accident occurred.In other words, even if He yong’s plan goes smoothly, Dai Guihua won’t be able to get paid by the insurance company until two years later.But Dai Guihua waited for two years?The pain of “losing her husband”, the criticism of her in-laws and the demand for payment from the loan platform are all unbearable to her.In the end, two years later.In 2020, He yong was sentenced to six years in prison for insurance fraud.After many years, Dai Xiaochen will still dream of cousin Dai Osmanthus, mourn its misfortune, anger of its not to contend.But in the dream, she could not bear to criticize her cousin, who said, “I think this is the most beautiful house in the world!Memories are good!”Disclaimer: This article is published for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address