Who is more tired after sex?

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Someone summed up middle-aged male room after the most like to do two things: sleep and smoke a root after the smoke.These two things, no matter which one does not let a person see a little warmth and warmth.At the same time, it will also make people confused: sexual life, really so tired?In fact, the male comrade after the event to sleep this thing, still really can not be killed, they also have a bit of “difficulties”!In The sex affairs of Chinese couples, most of them are dominated by men. Although we always say that women take the initiative to enhance freshness, there are not many women who dare to try.There is no doubt that the dominant side is more tired.And men’s muscle density is larger than women’s, the same amount of exercise, the consumption of sugar is more, blood sugar in the body reduced, will also be easy to produce fatigue!In addition to physical fatigue, male fatigue is also affected by physiological differences.Studies have found that after sex, the brain’s libido instructions are switched off and substances that promote sleep are produced to make men feel sleepy.After the bedroom, the male body secretes oxytocin and prolactin to increase, these hormones also have the hypnotic effect oh.In addition, when men ejaculate is the most excited nervous time, this moment, will immediately relax down, such a sudden relaxation of the mood will make the body feel tired.But women don’t experience any of these things, so they’re usually more alert than men after sex.But women tend to be more sensitive and emotionally needy than men, so they want to have some quality time after sex.If you sleep at the head of a man, you will feel lost.If you want to go to sleep immediately, you have to wait. However, sleeping is not conducive to the development of a relationship between husband and wife. This kind of behavior also has some effects on our health.Sex is like a full-body exercise in which the heart rate increases, blood pressure increases, breathing accelerates, blood vessels dilate, sweating increases…Just after the end of sexual life, each part of the body is too late to get relief and recovery, sleeping at this time will not only not relieve fatigue, but also make the body more tired.What this kind of circumstance reflects on the old person body is met more apparent, exhaustion continues to the second day, besides lack of power, have no spirit, still appear even the circumstance of lumbar acerbity backache.Although men tend to feel sleepy after the room, but this feeling is not to say that we can not overcome, we can do something more beneficial to each other, and then go to rest.For example, if hugging and kissing make you feel awkward, try talking to your partner. It’s a great way to bond after sex, especially for older couples.Private cleaning, this matter both men and women should be carried out, do not be lazy, and bring their health risks.Drink a cup of water, sexual life makes the body moisture consumption is larger, drink water to sleep again, can alleviate because of moisture loss, the blood that causes is sticky problem.Especially for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it is very important to reduce blood viscosity.But don’t drink too much at once, lest frequent trips to the bathroom disrupt sleep.There are some physical reasons to fall asleep afterwards, but “having a cigarette afterwards” is a completely personal habit.According to the survey, about 30% of men will habitually smoke after the room, although this time smoking feels very comfortable, but do not sacrifice each other’s health for the feeling.Just after the end of sexual life, the body’s blood circulation is accelerated, smoking at this time, the harmful substances in tobacco will be more quickly inhaled into the body into the blood.In addition to doubling the harm to yourself, smoking afterwards exposes your partner to secondhand smoke, which is no less harmful than direct smoking.