Your imperial concubine is palace maid one’s previous experience only, why can grasp the heart of Qianlong tightly, seize spoil means too brillant

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Mention the Qing Dynasty several famous concubines, your concubine must be on the list.From the earliest popular Qing Dynasty drama, Princess Huan Zhu Ge, there was a popular character who stood in sharp contrast to the empress, Concubine Ling.Into the palace for the slave concubine beautiful appearance, always considerate, kind and friendly, is not only the emperor Qianlong’s explanation, but also the small swallow this group of younger generation most trusted elders and friends, can be said to make the princess in this play without shortcomings, perfect.The contrast with the evil Queen makes it all the more noble.A few years ago, another work, The Story of Yanxi Palace, is about the heroine, Wei Yingluo, with her clever mind and courage to seek the mystery of her sister’s death.Experienced love and hate in the palace, and resolve the difficulties of the palace, and the Qianlong Emperor hand in hand, and eventually become the story of the queen Of Filial piety Yichun.Except in Ruyi Zhuan, which has queen Qingying as the protagonist, concubine Wei Yanwan will be turned into a villain and villain, almost all qing dynasty dramas will shape the concubine into a positive concubine with the fastest and most stable promotion.So what is the real history of your concubine?Whether true eq and IQ are online, is the concubine in the palace promotion share very fast?Born on October 23, 1727, Wei Jia was the daughter of Wei Qingtai, the inner guan leader. She was born in Baoyi of Zhenghuang Banner in Manchuria. She was the third empress of Emperor Qianlong and the mother of Emperor Jiaqing.Although Wei Jia seems to have been born in Zhenghuang Banner of Manchuria, he was a serious Manchu, but he was a low status Baoyi.The coat refers to the royal servants and minions.Among them, the wrapping of shangsan Banner was administered by the Neiwu Palace and served the royal family.The wrapping of the five flags belongs to the nobles of the five flags.Therefore, the Wei Jia family of Zhenghuang Banner served the royal family for generations.The reason why the minions in the Forbidden City were all Manchu, especially the maids in the palace, who were also born in the Upper three banners of the Eight manchurian banners, was naturally because the emperor could at any time like and favor a maid in the palace.If these maidens were recruited from the people, naturally, after the emperor favored them, they would confuse the blood of the Manchu royal family, and their origin was unknown.Therefore, the servants in the palace must be born orthodox on the three banners.Wei Jia, who was born in Baoyi, was also not eligible to participate in the imperial Maid contest, which was made up of women from prominent families of princes and nobles, or qing emperors who married the daughters of tribal leaders in order to maintain relations with various tribes.The marriage that once favored the emperor was mixed with too many interests. It seemed that there were many concubines in the harem and all kinds of beauties, but behind them they represented the power and relations of various families and tribes.The only way out for Wei Jia is to be seen and favored by the Emperor Qianlong when she is a palace maid, so that she can have the opportunity to change her fate and that of her family. Otherwise, she will still be born with a coat and serve the royal family for generations.Wei Jia shi’s luck is very good, plus comely wen wan looks and graceful figure, in a palace of women is outstanding.Qianlong just discovered Wei Jia shi and forcibly occupied her.Being favored by the emperor, no matter what the situation, was a “blessing”.Wei Jia shi naturally can not refuse, after being favored wei Jia shi also did not panic and panic like others.She looked calm, advance and retreat degree, and Qianlong when talking is neither humble nor pusillanimous, maintain dignity and attitude, neither be flattered after complacence, also have no because be forcibly occupied and fear hate.Qianlong had never seen such a unique woman, not only different from those maids, and even this tolerance than many concubines are stronger on a few points.Because of this, wei Jia shi who played hard to get is not like other concubines who were favored by Qianlong.However, qianlong is deeply remembered in the heart, Qianlong is also like the domineer president in the novel, high on the used to be sought after, suddenly came a Cinderella who does not take him as a matter of responsibility, but it is to feel happy and special.This time, Qianlong for the first time will be a favorite concubine for nobles.And in the days that followed, all dote on Wei Jia, from time to time to visit, there are new fruits and treasures in the palace, but also the first time reward to Wei GUI.In an even more surprising move, Qianlong promoted Wei GUI ren to consort in the same year.Few concubines in a short period of time to get two consecutive promotions, not to mention with the wei noble’s background is not qualified.So many of the ministers, who had received information from the concubines, rebelled.Qianlong was bent on doting on wei nobles and insisted on promotion regardless of the opposition of his ministers.However, after a few years, Wei Pin was promoted to imperial concubine and became imperial Concubine, which could be said to be the fastest concubine promoted by virtue of the emperor’s favor.The glory and the grace of one person to heaven.Wei jia also from manchuria yellow flag was carried flag, become manchuria yellow banner.It can be said that concubine ling relying on a single force, changed the fate of the whole family and class, jumped into the nobility.Harem women fight more, by the sole favor of your concubine is a thorn in the side of many concubines in the palace, for fear that it will climb to the empress.Other concubines also wondered why Qianlong favored Wei Guiren alone, a small concubine of poor birth, although a bit beautiful, but if in this harem with all flowers blossoming, it was not perfect.There are only two reasons for the princess to be spoiled. One is the psychological grip of playing hard to get. Blindly giving and sacrificing in the feelings will only make people not care about cherish and love on the lips, but let men have no desire to conquer.What is more, the Qianlong Emperor who still likes hunting has innate desire to conquer, the prey that cannot control more, want to get more.In addition, Concubine Ling was not an ordinary palace maid, she was a talented woman.Even by playing hard and hard to get, qianlong could not get tired of the boring concubine.Surprise, frequent patterns, looking for common language and interest, is also a means to make the imperial concubine.As is known to all, Qianlong was a young man of literature and art. He was fond of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, especially writing poems and painting.Painting needs a deep foundation, so the imperial concubine nature is not good, but in poetry, reading poetry books is very good imperial concubine.She often exchanged views with emperor Qianlong on poetry, which was a rare bosom friend of Emperor Qianlong in the harem.In addition, Qianlong still likes temperament very much, your imperial concubine is more specialized consult palace musicians, systematic study, will learn experience and Qianlong exchange, and often play Musical Instruments, and Qianlong share.Although she was born in a humble family, she could only rely on herself.Therefore, high emotional intelligence is also a magic weapon.She tried to equal qianlong’s status as a wife and friend, rather than kowtowing to the emperor as monarch.Who wouldn’t want a wife who could read your mind, understand you, and share your interests?As a result, she enjoyed twenty years of popularity in the palace and even bore four sons and two daughters to Qianlong and was named your Imperial Concubine.His son Yongyan became the next emperor of qing Dynasty, Emperor Jiaqing.The life that makes imperial concubine all the way counterattack also becomes palace unique myth.