10 Ways to Get the Perfect Freestanding Tub

2022-05-30 0 By

We like the classic roll-top tub.Wide proportions and curved soles give a time-old silhouette to many bathroom decor styles, often bridging the gap between classic and modern.In fact, we’ve found ten beautiful bathroom designs that use exactly the same freestanding tub — proving that classic shapes can print your own design style into your bathroom with your choice of decorative finishes and details.It is obvious that the bathtub can take on a completely different appearance through nuances of colour and material in the floor, tiles, taps and layout.It also proves that you need to go the extra mile when designing your home to ensure it reflects your personal style.By staying true to your creative instincts, gathering ideas and sticking to them, you can achieve a look and feel for your home that is not only stylish but unique to you.In fact, the concept applies to any individual piece of furniture — whether it’s a sofa, dining table or an oversized chandelier.We say, make it your own.Go out and fill a Pinterest board with items from your wish list, and see a thoughtful, cohesive interior space from there.A Freestanding Bathtub, 10 ways…1/10 White is a key ingredient in the renovation of this 19th century stone homestead, and the bathrooms are no exception.Keep it simple with chrome fittings and a black and white art print on top, and the bathtub takes center stage.2/10 This modern farmhouse bathroom infuses the walls above the tiled wall balustrades with bright blue and picks up on upholstered benches, while the quiet curves of the Victoria & Albert York bathroom are flanked by custom cabinetry.3/10 tiles spread all over the walls in all directions to make up this Victoria & Albert 'Elwick' Bathtub, and adds a touch of Hollywood to this charming bathroom.4/10 The design of this new Brisbane home balances modernity with tradition, Victoria + Albert 'Elkwick' The bathtub is located below the louvres and slatted timber privacy screen.VJ paneled walls painted with Dulux Black caviar combine new and old to separate the ensuite from the master bedroom.5/10 This is a strange space that works well, this strongly symmetrical design uses light fixtures and places this (small) bathtub against a large central window to prevent the bathroom from feeling enclosed.6/10 Inspired by the work of Ilse Crawford and without a shower, this chic bathroom features a more decorative ‘dry’ finish around a freestanding tub. Bold geometric wallpaper and chrome basin stands add character without crowding the space.7/10 This bright bathroom is full of curves and the Victoria+Albert Elwick tub is nestled against the wall under the sloping round window.Wall-mounted fittings achieve maximum bathtub leisure.8/10 An all-white bathroom in this lovingly restored federal home is embellished with pink accessories.Kaldewei 'Vaio' The bathtub sits above a delicate marble Mosaic, while bold brass sconces and shiny side tables provide stylish features.9/10 Victoria+Albert York Bathtub is just one of the ensuite features of this luxurious Regency style home.Molded wall details and classic checkerboard tiles pay homage to the family’s heritage.10/10 The Victoria & Albert bathtub is tucked behind the shower to make the most of the available space in this renovated federal family home.All white surfaces keep things light and bright, while plantation shutters, vintage ceramic stools and recessed niches provide modern convenience.