A man who was rejected by a friend in a drunken hit-and-run incident retaliated against a witness who was sentenced after his release

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Justice network Jiaxing February 7 (correspondent Zhang Jiamin) a year ago, Qin was sentenced for dangerous driving.After his release, Qin mou to testify before the law zhiwei (pseudonym) harbor resentment, together with Jiang Zhiwei beating, resulting in multiple injuries.Recently, by the Prosecution of Zhejiang Pinghu City Procuratorate qin, Jiang suspected of revenge witness crime case, pinghu City court of first instance open trial, sentenced to three months of detention in accordance with the law.This case is the first case of retaliation against witnesses in Jiaxing.One day in August 2020, Qin mou and Zhi Wei met for dinner as friends at that time.Qin mou for drinking and drunk insisted on driving a motor vehicle, then hit a family wall, and fight with people, then the victim called the police.Qin is afraid of their drunk driving was checked, and ZhiWei dinner did not drink, he found ZhiWei to discuss its “top package”.But after the investigation by the public security organs, Zhiwei did not perjury, but identified the behavior of drunk driving qin, Qin was sentenced to four months of detention for dangerous driving.Since then qin mou has a knot, think as a friend zhiwei not enough righteousness, betrayed himself.In December 2020, Qin mou released after serving his sentence, also from then on and Zhiwei broke off contact.Until January 7, 2022, Qin mou and Jiang Mou drink at home, two people drink a bottle of liquor, at the wine table and talk about this matter.Kang, who was also a friend, urged Him, “Zhiwei is not a good friend. He must talk to him.”Qin mou heart has not untied the knot, also want to find a chance to let it give a statement.Then, in anger two people decide to look for Zhi Wei “calculate old accounts”.They meet Zhi Wei in a parking lot in the town where he lives and ask him why he “betrayed” his friend by testifying.Zhiwei explained that he can not also can not make perjury, which failed to resolve the other side’s anger.Eventually, the argument escalated into fists and kicks.Zhi Wei reported to the police in time after the incident, and the public security organs quickly captured Qin and Jiang, and two people confessed to beating Zhi Wei together.After the examination confirmed that the victim Zhiwei face left face has obvious red swelling and scratches, pants crotch, knee position are footprints, multiple injuries.”Although the victim Zhiwei issued a letter of understanding, jiang, Qin mou understanding, but revenge witness behavior is not only a violation of the legitimate rights and interests of witnesses, but also endanger the normal judicial activities of the state, so such behavior still escaped criminal punishment.”The contractor prosecutor said.Source: Justice Network