After losing to Vietnam, China can give up naturalized players and veterans for the next two world preliminary matches

2022-05-30 0 By

After losing to Vietnam, the Chinese men’s national football team can start to change blood in March, that is, some veteran players and some players can not be selected, there is no meaning to be selected, basically the idea is that naturalized players can give up a lot, some veteran players leave, and young people can only be brave to use.Naturalized players should be the next two games are basically gave up Alan and national wealth and exxon should not be included in the national team, because there is no sense, and in March, probably a lot of players have found a new owner, probably in the process of league, also won’t want to come back, that is, the players now see,The goals didn’t give China more points, at least from the top 12 matches, it seems that Only Luo Guofu scored, but didn’t help the team to score points, that’s it, so these players didn’t make the team, that’s it, Wu Lei seems to help the team to score more points.So the naturalised players have really failed because they are supposed to help the team score goals and it doesn’t look like they are helping the team score.So the next step is to develop young players and it’s embarrassing for them to come back now.Second, some veteran can have a rest, makes little sense to stay in the team is now at least some of the veteran can leave, such as Wu Xi, junmin hao, zhang linpeng these veteran can leave, now stay is does not make sense, at least now World Cup qualifier leave these veteran no meaning, but it were not for the veteran, results in the worse, poor is poor.All have already lost to Vietnam team, isn’t it normal loss to Oman and Saudi Arabia, it seems from Saudi Arabia and Japan yesterday, although Saudi scene is passive, but at least there is certain ability to fight back, so that’s the problem, the Chinese team need to decide now, letting go of veteran, even if the result will fall, also does not have what relation.There’s no point in staying right now. These guys really lost to all the teams that didn’t want to lose.Young people use more, although the likelihood is a fiasco, but now China team can hit the highest level of competition is the world preliminary competition young people join more, the result is bad is normal, but if do not use young people, the team is not good.Are the main rivals of around 95 players alone, we are about 89 players as the core, but the rest of the 2026 World Cup qualifier, the opponent should be players take charge of around 99, and a lot of players have been out to abroad, international may also directly to let players take charge of around 2000, although not reality, but also it now,In the future, there is no chance to win the Vietnamese team, at least the next cycle is such, can only work hard, as far as possible to improve their own.