“Beauty of Jinyuan” came to the Rice field Park to start the journey through the “rice dream” of thousands of years

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The paddy Field Park in Huata Village, Jinyuan District, Taiyuan city, has been decorated and attracted many tourists due to heavy snow during the Spring Festival.People shuttle in rice field art experience museum, rice field castle, adventure Wonderland Museum, light forest, rice field sky Wonderland, ice and snow Adventure carnival…Take the rice field small train, opened a thousand years across the “rice dream” journey.Through the ancient and modern encounter jinci rice, known as the “north of rice, royal tribute.”In the Song Dynasty, Fan Zhongyan once described the grand scene of paddy field production in Jinci With the poem “Irrigation of grass and seedlings in thousands of families, dazzling the river and countryside.”As early as 3,000 years ago, people in Jinci began to grow rice.A grain of rice stretches all over the world, producing more than 100,000 species.In the Rice Field Art Experience Hall, 36 kinds of rice are gathered here, selected from over 100,000 kinds of rice.Answer questions on a large 3D screen that covers the entire wall. If you answer correctly, you can understand the journey of a grain of rice in the long history.An ancient painting tells the story of jinci rice spring and summer long, autumn harvest and winter storage;Round table banquet full of dishes, gently touch is a road made of rice “delicacies”.Food is the essence of human existence.Through evolution, rice has been used to create different kinds of food.Rice cake, one of them, is also a cultural name card in the long history of China.Jinci Rice Shop, located in Paddy Field Park, is the first themed rice shop. Its jinci rice cakes are a feature of the park snack street.Here there is rice and culture, cake and history, the north and south rice cake and culture fusion here.The integration of movable type printing technology makes it gorgeous, gives it a profound meaning and gives it a different fragrance of rice.Rice as the medium of fusion in addition to food, “rice” can also play the birth of all things.Straw in the hands of designers, variable castle momentum magnificent, variable fisherman boating on the river, variable thousands of animals alive.This is the charm of the earth, the vitality of the land.Relying on the wisdom of straw artisans and castle builders, the paddy field Castle, which combines handmade straw weaving with light and shadow technology, is a highlight of paddy Field Park.There are many unpowered entertainment facilities in the playground and leisure area, and more than 200 kinds of small animals in the pet park are waiting for you to care for.Everyone has an idyllic dream, a place where you can get away from technology and electronic devices, get closer to nature, and regain innocence.The mountain is the source of water and the water is the soul of rice.Jinci rice is famous because it is irrigated by the Jinci Spring of youth.Water is the source of life, and the fountain of youth is the soul of Jinci Rice.The water landscape everywhere in the paddy field Park is intended to reflect the importance of water for rice growth and present a picture of farming in the South of the North.With the help of water media, let scenery technology and rice fusion, the effect is beyond imagination.Stroll through the Wonderland Museum, each individual space has a different story, lotus pond moonlight, the time and space under the sea……Letter hand touch can be born flowers, leisurely walk lotus feet;Enter the forest of light and shadow, surrounded by fireflies, trees, flowers, and springs, and you are the wizard of Oz.Rice fields have dreams, villages have power.Paddy Field Park not only displays the myriad customs of white and night, embodies modern agriculture, leisure tourism and pastoral interest, but also aims to lead tourists to experience romance and nostalgia in an immersive way, understand the inheritance of Chinese farming culture for thousands of years, and help realize the dream of “enjoying the cool under the grain”.Coming to the Olympic Games: Jinyuan release Editor: Li Lintang Hua