“Braveheart 2” : Ke Fengyi’s death is tong Jiaru’s old trick

2022-05-30 0 By

In the TV series Braveheart 2, Tong Jiaru is a clever kong Ming reborn, playing the devil’s East Village.In the play he can text can reason, relying on their own courage and strategy, to deal with the Japanese devils and traitors success many times, attracted the audience applauded, Tong Jiaru perfect interpretation of the face of the imperialist aggressors: Chinese people have a brave heart!In the recent plot development process, it can be described as dangerous, thrilling, even tong Jiaru’s friends, students fell down in front of him, especially the death of ouyang Gongjin let Tong Jiaru sad.But he didn’t quit. On the contrary, he became more courageous.And in front of Gongjin vowed to avenge Ouyang Gongjin.Tong Jiaru also really said to do, and he also completed the task that Gong Jin did not complete.Both killed Mr. W to help Gong Jin revenge, and killed the traitor Ke Fengyi completed Gong Jin’s K plan.Again let Ouyang Gongjin figure reappears Shanghai beach, inspired the anti-japanese enthusiasm of the broad youth.But it’s a familiar scenario.Ke fengyi’s death was caused by a bomb designed by Tong Jiaru.It’s all too familiar to see the plot unfold like this.Because earlier, another traitors and Ke fengyi died in the same way.He is Ouyang Zhengde.Ouyang Zhengde was tong Jia Ru calculation, in Ouyang Gongjin lure, looking for son was killed by a bomb.All this is the way the Tong family thought.Used Ouyang Zhengde did not see his pro son for many years, and the design of a trap died Ouyang Zhengde.Ke Fengyi’s death is to borrow Feng Ye to do sixty birthday, using its love of Shen Tong heart, together with Guan Da Dao, Doctor Dong and the Communist party anti-espionage.And all this is from the tong family Confucian hands.Kill Ke Fengyi, Feng Ye can not only push off the Japanese pro-association chief position, but also let Ouyang Gongjin’s figure reappear in Shanghai, and lit the youth anti-japanese passion.Tong Jiaru this move, can be said to kill two birds with one stone, have to admire its strategy and vision of the big, wise.Ke feng-yi’s death was almost identical to Ouyang’s.And all from tong Jiaru hands.And two bombs are produced by Tong Jiaru, because Tong Jiaru once taught physics and chemistry, and two bomb plot also makes sense.But there are also many viewers ridicule such a plot, tong Jiaru killing Ke Fengyi is just a repeat of old tricks, nothing new.Or maybe it was the arrangement of the scriptwriter, who just felt that the scriptwriter was a little careless to make a similar plot as before.However, it must be admitted that Tong Jiaru has read a lot of military books, all these plot development makes sense, and his strategy and courage can also be reflected in the play one by one, and the portrayal of Tong Jiaru this character is also a success.