Can wechat phone be recorded?Apple and Huawei phones are very different

2022-05-30 0 By

Wechat usage rate is quite high, as long as the network speed is fast enough, not only text chat, voice, video can also be.In many cases, people even give up the SIM card voice call and use wechat voice call directly.Can you record a voice call on wechat?The author used Huawei Mate30 and iPhone7 voice call test, the test results to share with you: the first two wechat voice call interface do not have a direct “record” button.But the iPhone7 can record audio by going to voice memo, and the recording is very clear.On the Huawei Mate30, whether you use the screen recording function or the Recorder function, the message “Microphone is occupied” is displayed, so recording cannot be performed.Tencent does not want wechat voice calls to be recorded by users, so it does not open the recording button for the recording function.I was curious, however, that voice memos work on iphones, but not on Huawei phones.By the way, to expand the difference between voice calls on SIM cards, huawei Mate30 has a “record” button on the voice call screen, while iPhone7 has no record button.Whether ordinary voice calls or wechat voice calls, some friends sometimes still hope that the phone directly join the recording function, but the phone manufacturers set technical barriers, I do not know what you think?Do you need the recording function for the normal voice call?