Do not delete, do not contact, so quietly miss you

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He between the world of mortals, how many edge shallow, how many people, in deep miss.A love, from no words not to disturb, which is sad, only experienced will know.Do not delete, do not contact, so quietly miss you, this life, you are the only person I love, but also my life can not put the missing, a read into crazy, will not fall in love with others.Alone waiting for a true feeling, will never let you know, a person acacia, a person helpless, this world there are always some distance, can not be overstepped.One person, a read, became the love of life, in the years of static good, quietly recall the past, grinding write acacia, a word, a sentence, is the truth.Can not go back to the past, can not put down the past, do not go to contact, will think of your life, perhaps really should be that sentence, both a person’s preference, is willing to do the rest of the generous.01 love for life, miss life, bless life!Really love, is really, make a vow, to accompany for life, is the edge or, is worth while, doomed to be our life can not escape the fate.Love for life, miss life, will bless life in the heart, into the heart of you, even if not together, that deep feeling, will always be in the heart of the collection.Write a paragraph of the past, all miss you, your phone, did not delete, but never to contact, think of you, like to use words, recorded on paper.Love is a word, sink for a lifetime, read a word, love for a lifetime, I will hide from all the people, love you in my heart for a lifetime.Compromise the fate, do not represent will be forgotten from the heart, in the heart of love, will be more long, a person, in their own world, write a the end of life.02 you are love, you are warm, you are my life crazy read!Long life, less you in my side, you gently turn around, take away my love of life, acacia for you, love for you, love your life without regret.You are love, you are warm, you are my crazy reading of life, I admit THAT I can not forget you, I admit that I can not put you, I admit that every dream, there will be you.Fate is done, deep feeling is still in, I am in the heart, waiting for a no return of love, love you, miss you, dream dream, is your shadow.In this world, there is always a love, will become a lifetime obsession, there is always a person, will become a lifetime care, wrong time, can not be accompanied, at least I can miss.I have to admit that you are my life, the most beautiful fate!03 do not delete, do not contact, so quietly miss you!Whenever acacia affection, always like to look at your head in a daze, let a person fortunately, we did not delete each other, so quietly lying in each other’s address book.Do not delete, do not contact, so quietly miss you, I will always in my own world, silently watching you, if you are well, will never bother.See, does not mean do not want to, do not contact, is also a manifestation of deep love, dream dream, are your shadow, your life, no longer has nothing to do with me, but my world, all miss you.Love you, is to love you, miss you, is to miss you, I hope distant place of you, occasionally will think of me, I hope your dream, there will be traces of I have been to.Met a true love, became a lifetime of acacia, this life without companionship, will always miss, love and can not be together, always in the heart memories.Loved a person, but can not come together, do not delete, do not contact, so quietly miss you!