Douro mainland evil goddess, due to the new handle each part of the detail pull full, resulting in the appearance of the level of reversal

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As for Douluo Continent, many female characters in it are rendered with their exclusive characteristics by Sanshao, which leaves a deep impression on readers.Among these female characters, the first to bear the brunt of course is a few beautiful women in Shrek 7 Strange.The first female lead is not only the main character in the original story, even in the animation, is the most carefully modeled one.It can be said that the three beauty in Shrek seven strange, only dance’s appearance level is constantly improving, there is a lot of change, it can be said that the first beauty of the audience.Among the many female characters, there are many who are disliked by fans.In addition to Bibi Dong, who is reviled by fans of the book, there is also her daughter Qian Renxue.However, such dislike is limited to the original plot, in the anime, the two are also the top beauty.Especially bibi East’s appearance, but also enough to stunning people.Although Qian Renxue’s appearance level is still a bit different from her mother’s in the initial modeling, it probably leaves room for her appearance level to improve after she becomes a god.Not long ago, Douluo Qianren snow’s new hand out, gold wings wings, valiant uniforms, a blond hair with god, each part of the details pull full, this role full of charm.Fans’ affection for the character skyrocketed once the new hand was created.As expected, now is the era of appearance level, beautiful scenery who does not like it?In fact, the character of Qianren Snow, in addition to the process of becoming a god in the original work is a little indescribable, and is considered by readers as the most evil beauty, is indeed less hated than Bibi East.Especially when the final battle is not more vicious than Bedong, so the reputation is good.I don’t know what you think of the snow.