Establish a lifelong ban mechanism for off-campus training to strengthen supervision

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The Ministry of Education, the Central Organization Office and the Ministry of Justice jointly issued the opinions on Strengthening education Administrative Law Enforcement and Deepening the Comprehensive Management of Off-campus Training.As the first special document on the supervision and administrative law enforcement of off-campus training, the Opinions clearly define the path to promote the comprehensive governance of off-campus training in an all-round way, from objectives to responsibilities to punitive measures.Linking up with criminal justice According to the Guidelines, local governments should improve the linking mechanism of examination and approval, supervision and punishment in accordance with the principle of “whoever is responsible for examination and approval, and whoever is in charge is responsible for punishment.”If the reform of comprehensive examination and approval is carried out, the consent of the administrative department of education at the same level shall be obtained in writing in advance.In the process of specific administrative law enforcement, local authorities should speed up the realization of interconnection of illegal clues, exchange of supervision standards, mutual recognition of handling results, and promote joint law enforcement on the spot.A linkage mechanism has been established for off-campus training on administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, and systems for information sharing, case notification and case transfer between education and public security, procuratorial and judicial organs have been improved.”Opinions” pointed out that the education administrative departments at all levels should strengthen the external training comprehensive law enforcement, organization and coordination of the joint law enforcement, law enforcement collaboration, mainly responsible for unlicensed operation, in violation of the training content, training time, training personnel, training fee regulations, illegal contests, and other illegal cases to regulate law enforcement, lead organize relevant departments to carry out joint law enforcement.In addition, market supervision, Internet information, public security, sports, culture and tourism and other relevant departments should independently or jointly supervise issues involving off-campus training within their respective responsibilities.Beijing Business Daily reporter noted that the “Opinions” mentioned to strengthen the investigation and punishment of illegal off-campus training.To be specific, in the process of administrative law enforcement, local education administrative departments should work with relevant departments to sort out prominent problems that the masses strongly complain about, timely deploy centralized special rectification, and timely notify typical cases of violations of laws and regulations of off-campus training.For those with great potential risks or serious adverse consequences, we will strengthen routine supervision and inspection of law enforcement to prevent and defuse the risks of breaking the law at the source.We will establish and improve the system of punitive compensation and heavy fines for serious violations and the lifelong ban mechanism to make serious offenders pay their due price.Off-campus training institutions and website platforms that conduct training in violation of laws and regulations will be punished in accordance with the principle of “if they are found together, they will be dealt with together”.We will ensure that channels are opened for complaints about violations of laws and regulations to be accepted, followed up, and reported, and that meritorious personnel who report serious violations of laws and regulations and major risks and hidden dangers will be rewarded and strictly protected in accordance with the law.The Ministry of Education related departments and bureau in charge of the reporters asked stressed that the introduction of the “Opinions”, mainly for local governance practices, focusing on solving the law enforcement can not, do not want to law enforcement, law enforcement will not be a problem.”Further ‘confirm power’ and ‘delegate power’.In accordance with the law on administrative punishments, “education law”, “private education promotion law”, the education administrative departments at various levels in schools has, on the basis of the executive, also has the executive to outside training institutions, and clearly by the education administrative departments at all levels responsible for external training regulatory agencies to undertake specific external training regulation of administrative law enforcement functions.”Making a law enforcement list for off-campus training “improving the administrative law enforcement capacity of off-campus training supervision” is also one of the key points highlighted in the Opinions.In this regard, according to the existing laws, regulations and policies, the Ministry of Education will sort out the law enforcement functions of education administrative departments at all levels for off-campus training, formulate and promulgate the Directory for Guidance on Administrative Law Enforcement Matters concerning Off-campus Training Supervision, and implement dynamic adjustment.Local administrative departments of education will also refine the local “Guidance Catalogue on Administrative Law Enforcement Matters of Off-campus Training Supervision” according to local legislation.On the innovation of law enforcement methods, the Opinions require the Ministry of Education and provincial education administrative departments to establish a guiding system for administrative law enforcement cases and regularly issue guiding cases.Local governments should explore and promote the “Internet Plus law enforcement” model to improve law enforcement.We will explore ways of credit supervision, and include major acts of breach of trust in the scope of punishment.At the same time, local educational administrative departments should improve the work guarantee mechanism in conjunction with other departments such as the establishment and the judiciary.We will promote the inclusion of funds for supervision and administrative law enforcement of off-campus training into budget management at the same level, and strengthen the guarantee of relevant funds.We will speed up the formulation of standards for administrative law enforcement equipment for off-campus training and supervision at different levels, timely adjust law enforcement catalogs, replace law enforcement certificates, rationally configure traffic, communications, and law enforcement recorders and other equipment necessary for law enforcement, establish law enforcement information platforms, improve law enforcement conditions, meet law enforcement needs, and protect the safety of law enforcement personnel.In addition, for law enforcement, the Opinions also make it clear that the Accountability measures for education supervision will be strictly implemented, and off-campus training governance will be included in the scope of education supervision.Local governments will be encouraged to put strengthening administrative enforcement of supervision over off-campus training and promoting comprehensive governance of off-campus training on their agendas, formulate implementation plans, and consolidate responsibilities at every level.Local people’s governments at all levels under supervision and relevant functional departments as well as their responsible persons shall be held accountable in accordance with the law for failing to implement the decisions and arrangements of the Central Committee, failing to properly administer off-campus training, and other serious violations of laws and regulations.Give full play to the role of school inspector, actively carry out daily supervision of off-campus training.Talking about the promotion of the “double reduction” work, Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the National Institute of Education Sciences, pointed out in an interview that the “double reduction” work has adopted the “1+N” approach from the policy dimension since the central Office of the Communist Party of China and The State Council issued documents in July last year.”The document mainly focuses on the management and governance of off-campus training institutions and how to properly enforce the law.”In Chu zhaohui’s opinion, we can’t ignore solving the problems in school while conducting off-campus training management.”It is also important to promote the quality and balance of teaching within schools.Relevant governance and law enforcement work should not be carried out in isolation, but also consider the overall impact on students’ growth and development from a macro perspective.”