Linze County Lantern Festival series of folk culture activities colorful

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Red lanterns hung up, festive yangko twisted up, celebrating gongs and drums.On February 13th day of the first lunar month 13, linze Lantern Festival folk culture series of activities passion being 2022, jan, “qin opera performances, hexi baojuan (high lao-zhuang baojuan) read singing performance, playlet” cow “performance, journey to the west scene playlet performance such as classic folk show one by one, the actors enthusiasm, dressed in colorful clothes,Attracted a large number of audiences to stop and watch and cheer, the performance rhythm bright, lively atmosphere, to the masses of the county to send a rich cultural feast, happy and peaceful festival atmosphere permeated in the streets.The Lantern Festival is wonderful in hexi Folk Expo Park, gaolaozhuang cultural square, crowded, gongs and drums, dragon teng Lion jump, colorful silk fluttering, here is the Lantern Festival shehuo show, dynamic melody, beautiful dance, dragon dance, lion dance, eight imfairy horse and other Spring folk performances staged in turn,Multifarious props, colorful costumes, patterns of renovation of the formation, skilled dancers dizzying, dazzling, the audience applause, laughter, cheers, full of New Year flavor.END Review: Li Xin Editor: Wang Ruijuan