Minecraft: If Ice Master had won the Luminous Squid!What will 1.18 look like?

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Speaking of which, the Minecraft 1.18 update is pretty much in the final stages, and there are both positive and negative aspects to it.What would minecraft 1.18 look like today if it was ice Craftsman who won over Glowing Squid?Back story: On October 3, 2020, the annual Minecraft Live webcast kicks off at noon EASTERN time.The highlight of the year is voting for an entirely new creature.The three voting creatures are: glowing squid;2. Moo;Ice master.Remember, this is the darkest vote in MC history!There were two rounds of voting. In the first round, all three new creatures were voted on at the same time. Moo was the first to lose.In the second round, the luminous squid competed with the ice master, who was unexpectedly defeated by a narrow margin.The results shocked everyone, including Mojang!After the polls closed, it turned out that there were plenty of youtubers behind the polls, using their influence in the community to change the results.(In fact, the difference between a glowing squid and an ice master is so close that the smaller the vote, the more likely it is that a new creature, once confirmed, will be rejected by half of the population.) So the glowing squid became the first creature in history to be extremely disliked!In fact, Mojang’s subsequent update didn’t disappoint at all, and the glowing squid was a predictable, useless gadget!(To judge the importance of a creature, imagine removing it.)02 What happens if THE MC adds “Iceologer”?What might happen if we made some reasonable extrapolations based on a basic feature of the current Minecraft Iceologer that exists in dungeons?① Part of world view: In the vast snowy mountains, a faction of villagers did not move to the woodland mansion, they pursued nature, came to the “My World” snowy mountain, fell into the deep mountains to study the art of snow!Since ice magicians have the most distinctive red eyes, they are likely to have their own system of afflicted villagers (wait, does that make it possible for illusionists to be added?)..After all, he has mastered the uncanny skill of summoning snow/ice to attack creatures and players.Any player venturing into the great snow mountains will be severely attacked for disturbing the ice mage’s cleansing.A new weapon system: Minecraft is in great need of a new weapon. The ice mage prototype in the dungeons has a set of “ice wands”, a wizard-leaning weapon that has yet to be added to my world. If the ice Mage had been added, the staff would have been added to the game.Although said unlikely, but ice sorcerer is indeed given a good opportunity and reason.In theory, Minecraft will never add a weapon more powerful than a diamond sword vertically.The essence of the lower alloy is a forged upgrade based on diamond-based equipment.Instead, a separate system of “Ice wands” could be added to the MC’s weapon system from a different Angle.Ice Mage relic: It’s like the addition of marauders and marauders to a Marauder outpost relic.Once an ice mage joins Minecraft, it’s sure to place a relic on a brand new snowy mountain.The logic is simple, all villagers including the victims are people, and people are not monsters and therefore need to live in houses.So there is a good chance that in 1.18 there will be a remnant of an ice mage in a giant snow mountain.In other words, if you had won the icecroaster vote and joined Minecraft.The cliff part of caves and Cliffs today is not simply a modification of the terrain, and it is possible to arrange new creatures, weapons and relics.