The Uighur name Maimaiti means Mohammed

2022-05-30 0 By

“Maimaiti” is “Mohammed” our Uighur people, there is a commonly used name, called “Maimaiti”.To Xinjiang, called “maimaiti” man, a lot of.It’s everywhere.Ask, what does this “maimaiti” mean?In fact, what happened was that the Muslims of The Arab world admired their Prophet Muhammad so much that they named him, and many of them called him Muhammad.Uyghur younger sister should know that uyghur people in our country are deeply influenced by The Arab culture, so they name their children and also like to call them Muhammad.But in the west of the country, Muhammad has been reduced to Mummat and Mamat.Just like we simplified “Li Guoqiang” into “AH Qiang” this nickname.The Han people like to use nicknames.Minorities also have this habit.Simplified versions of Muhammad, Mummat and Mamat, were translated by the Chinese as “Maimaiti.”So, in a nutshell, Maimaiti means Mohammed.