What does it feel like to have a crush on someone?

2022-05-30 0 By

The most painful thing in the world is feeling, and the most painful thing in feeling is loving someone unrequited.Secret love is far more painful than pursuing a person, when you pursue a person at least you can be open and aboveboard to each other, and do not worry about the other party know you like her.Because from the moment you start courting, you are prepared to accept the worst — to become a stranger, a familiar stranger.I’m afraid you know, and I’m afraid you don’t know, but I’m more afraid you know but pretend not to know.The fear of you knowing is that we may not even be friends after you know. People who choose to love secretly often can’t accept losing each other, so they will be more worried that the friendship will end after the other party knows.The fear that the other person does not know is because the secret admirer is still hoping for a response, or hope for a happy ending, if the other person is not aware of it then how can there be a response?As for pretending not to know when you’re afraid of the other person knowing, it’s a wordless rejection if you don’t show it. Who wants to be rejected by someone they like?Generally speaking, the feeling of loving someone secretly is that I hope you know my heart and accept me. If you don’t want to accept me, THEN I would rather you don’t know my heart.I want to be with you all the time and I don’t want to be with you all the time;I love you but I don’t have the courage to face you.