Xiamen Public Security Bureau qiaoying police Station “three mechanisms” to improve the effectiveness of floating population management

2022-05-30 0 By

In fujian, the rule of law to the rule of law – channel on February 15, online news recently, the xiamen municipal public security bureau of overseas British police station combined with the special action of the floating population management service, actively strive for the streets, village house, a unit to support and cooperation, to provide quality and convenient services for the floating population, within the scope of jurisdiction in key areas and key groups to carry out the trawl, carpet inventory management operations,We will explore the “three mechanisms” to continue to strengthen the control of the floating population and close loopholes in public security.Qiaoying police Station consolidated the cooperation mechanism, combined with the activity of “One million police entering ten million people”, led by the community police, assisted by village cadres and grid members, supported and cooperated with each other in work, carried out comprehensive rolling investigation to ensure fresh and accurate data.Strengthen the service mechanism, insist on moving the service threshold forward, set up floating population registration service points, and make the registration of floating population more practical and detailed;Unimpeded feedback mechanism, established information verification feedback mechanism, to ensure that the employment units under the jurisdiction can obtain the real information of the floating population, at the same time, all the employment units under the jurisdiction should be registered, and guide the employment units to apply for the registration of the floating population using “Xiamen People APP”. The police station is responsible for the examination and investigation, and optimize the quality of information.It is reported that since the launch of the floating population management service special action, Qiaoying police station has checked more than 30,000 houses, more than 1,000 units and more than 50,000 registered floating personnel information. The residents’ satisfaction and sense of security have been continuously improved.(Reporter Yu Jing correspondent Fu Bangshu Chen Zhiwei)