Xingyue L from 137,200 yuan welcome to visit

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Good faith management, sales, loans, insurance, pre – sale and after-sales integration, fast car lifting speed, perfect service.Geely Xingyue L each configuration model concession refers to the sum of comprehensive concessions!4.5 years or 120,000 kilometers of free maintenance Of Geely Xingyue L cash subsidy of 1000 yuan after booking car subsidy of 25 yuan per day replacement subsidy of 4000 yuan fixed loan 36 period 0 interest to high discount of 6000 yuan Star dynamic flow gift:The basic traffic of the first car owner is free for life, and the service traffic of the first five years is given as a gift (unlimited flow is not limited). The platform for booking sales consultants to look at the car, exclusive VIP fast channel, one to one service, so that you can purchase the car smoothly!Interested friends can go to the shop to consult to buy.The event will run from April 6, 2022 to April 28, 2022