A 90-degree ankle sprain!The sixth injury of the season, the lake tube James emperor heartbreak!We really need to get rid of him this offseason

2022-05-31 0 By

It may seem outrageous to trade eyebrows, but A few days ago, Smith suggested that the lakers should trade eyebrows.The question is, why would the lakers trade Bryant, who was a major contributor to a championship season, was one of the league’s top four when healthy, dominating both ends of the floor and arguably the best player on the roster?The simple answer is that he is too glassy.In today’s Lakers vs Jazz game, The game entered the second quarter of a catch on the ground accidentally stepped on gobert’s heel, directly resulting in a 90 degree ankle sprain, from the picture is not difficult to guess, this injury will not be simple, after all, The force on the ankle is too strong upper body.It could be a fracture or a ligament, but this is the sixth injury of the season.In this season, according to incomplete statistics, He has suffered a variety of injuries, such as sprained thumb, sore ankle, thigh contusion and so on. He left the game against Minnesota with two injuries — in the first quarter, He sprained his ankle, but fortunately the injury was not serious, but in the third quarter, He banged his knee and retired early.In addition to the more serious 90 degree ankle sprain, Brow may not be able to return in the second half of the game, then timely stop loss is the best practice for the lakers.Although heavy eyebrows health performance is really good, but one can’t stay healthy, and enterprise insufficient superstar after title, for the lakers want to hit a championship dream is not by the spectrum, coupled with the lakers now stands on the less such a mess, want to change immediately, it can only be at the end of the season after selling heavy eyebrows, then the problem comes,What are the right chips to trade?Heavy eyebrows while too many injuries, but the ability is good, at the main four such heavy eyebrows trade value is also good, such as transaction period to Mired in reconstruction of radmanovic, the raptors kamm, timberwolves downes, bulls, wu has cut and cavaliers Allen, the wizards of bill and so on, small make up that if the above star will stay healthy,Not necessarily more suited to the Lakers than bushy eyebrows.Would the lakers just have to do the same by clearing out Westbrook’s contract and bringing in some quality players inside (like The Pacers’ Trea Turner)?I don’t know if you think trading bushy eyebrows is a good thing, welcome to express your opinion.