“New Year walk grassroots” huhu Shengwei painting struggle new face

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Policy to promote export recovery material selection, adhesive cloth, cutting……A few days ago, the reporter walked into dalian east ying Jiulong garment Co., LTD., located in dalian Jinpu New District, and saw workers busy with orders before sewing machines.”Recently, customers have added orders and we are very confident that we can double our exports this year.”Dong Chunling, head of the company’s customs affairs, said.Dalian Dongying Jiulong Garments Co., Ltd. mainly produces underwear, most of which is exported to Japan.The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) came into force on January 1 this year, with tariff reduction becoming the biggest highlight.”After RCEP went into effect, the tariff rate on relevant products was directly lowered from 8.4% to zero, which directly saved Japanese customers about 1.6 million yuan in cost. The cost reduction does not reduce quality, and customers are willing to place additional orders.”In the workshop, Dong Chunling and reporters while walking said that the company’s additional orders have been lined up for a few months.It is reported that in the early days when RCEP came into force, in order to help small and medium-sized enterprises to take the policy “free ride” at the first time, the Jinpu Customs affiliated to Dalian Customs took the initiative to visit enterprises to introduce RCEP content in detail, answer their questions, and offer “one-to-one” services.In Jinpu New Area, like Dalian Dongying Jiulong Garment Co., LTD., there are many enterprises enjoying preferential tax rates and dividends.Dalian Jianningwan food co., Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise specializing in processing all kinds of canned soft packaging food.Tang Wenkun, chairman of the company, told reporters that the RCEP has taken effect and reduced tariffs on some products, reducing the cost of the company’s customers by more than 500,000 yuan.At present, dehydrated vegetables alone can save costs of 100,000 yuan.Zhang Maosheng, director of Kipu Customs, told reporters that in order to ensure that enterprises can enjoy RCEP preferential treatment in the first time, KIPu Customs will give priority to reviewing RCEP certificates of origin exported to Japan according to the short sea journey between Dalian and Japan, and ensure that enterprises within the jurisdiction can enjoy preferential tax rate.Open the “green channel” for perishable and express goods;The service of “special period, special event” provides supplementary or exemption from submission of relevant procedures, and “zero meeting” provides certificate of origin and other services.As of January 26 this year, Kipu Customs has issued 189 RCEP certificates of origin for 52 enterprises.”In addition to tax benefits, RCEP has relaxed rules on goods of origin, accumulation rules, direct shipment rules and other supplementary rules, facilitating the free movement of various raw materials, equipment and goods in the region.This effectively solves the supply chain and industrial chain problems plaguing the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises.”Zhang Maosheng said.(Economic Daily reporter Su Dapeng) Stick to the post to protect electricity coal “to stand the last guard, the simple things do the best!”February 5 morning, China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co. LTD. Luoyang section of Yima station freight liu Xin said.Yima Station is located in Yima City, Sanmenxia, Henan Province, and is responsible for the thermal coal transportation of yima Coal Group Co., LTD., a large state-owned coal enterprise in western Henan province.Liu Xin has been a member of the Communist Party for 28 years.I started to work as a switchman in December 1981 and transferred to freight transport in February 1987.I am now working as a freight forwarder in qianqiu Mine of Yima Coal Group Co., LTD., and I will retire in a few months.This year is his 35th Chunyun as a freight forwarder and the last one of his working life.Liu Xin’s daily work is to assist the mine staff to inspect the loading operation of electric coal and escort the safety of each load of electric coal.”My home is in Yima, let the rare reunion of non-local workers go home for the Spring Festival.”Affected by the epidemic prevention and control in western Henan, some non-local workers stayed at the station for several days. Before the Spring Festival, the epidemic prevention and control situation gradually improved, so Liu Xin took the initiative to change shifts with non-local workers and stayed on duty.This has been his Spring Festival routine for many years.Liu Xin is on duty on the first day of the first lunar month.After the first batch of empty cars arrived, he quickly put into work and started the “three inspections” according to the three processes of checking the vehicle state before loading, checking the loading state during loading and checking the reinforcement state after loading.”Electric coal loading, the ‘three inspection’ should not be careless.If there are damaged points on the floor of the empty car, heavy loading, and lax sealing of the door gap after reinforcement, it seems that there is no impact when the car is not open.Once the train goes out, it may leak coal or cause accidents, which will directly affect the transportation efficiency and safety of thermal coal.”During the two-hour operation, Liu xin sometimes climbed up the overpass to check the state of empty cars and the flat roof after loading, sometimes climbed up the coal bunker to check the loading operation, sometimes around the train to check the closing of doors and loading and reinforcement, without stopping for a moment.Do simple things repeatedly, and repeat things carefully.”Liu Xin regards his work as his career and takes the safety of electric coal as his mission. For decades, he has strictly controlled the safety of electric coal loading and truly achieved the safety of loading a train of electric coal heavy trucks.With 12,775 days’ safety record, yima Station ranks first in safety.”Yima station party general branch secretary Li Guangfeng said.”I will retire within the year. I will make sure that every train of electricity and coal can safely leave Yima Station and reach its destination.”Liu xin says this is his wish for the Year of the Tiger.A few days ago, economic Daily reporter drove to the hinterland of the Northern Slope of Tianshan Mountain to visit the construction site of the Shengli Tunnel in Xinjiang tianshan, the world’s longest expressway tunnel under construction.Mountain gullies crisscrossed, a large engineering vehicles to and from.The Tianshan Mountains, which stretch across central Xinjiang, block traffic from north to south.To transport agricultural and sideline products from Korla, south of Tianshan Mountain, to Urumqi, one needs to draw an “arc” of more than 500 kilometers to the east on the map, or choose to cross Tianshan Mountain.In 2019, wuwei Expressway, with a total length of more than 320 kilometers, was officially built, connecting Urumqi to Yuli and Korla.”Connecting the Tianshan Mountains makes the North and the South faster.””After the completion of the project, the road mileage between Urumqi and Korla will be shortened by about 170 kilometers, and the driving time between urumqi and Korla will be shortened from more than seven hours to about three hours,” said Wang Heqi, manager of the Wuwei Project and AA professional manager of the First Public Engineering Bureau Group of CCCC.Tianshan Shengli Tunnel is the “throat” project of Xinjiang Wuwei Expressway, with a total length of about 22 kilometers.”A traditional tunnel excavation would have two holes and be driven from both ends.Tianshan Shengli Tunnel, on the basis of left and right holes, opened a middle guide hole, used to expand the main hole auxiliary surface work.Through the service tunnel, the distance between adjacent transverse holes is about 800 meters as the construction section, the whole tunnel will be ‘cut’, to achieve ‘long tunnel short play’, greatly shorten the construction period.”Wang Heqi said.Walk into the left hole of the north of the nearly 2 km deep Shengli tunnel, from time to time hear the roar of all kinds of machinery.”Not only should civilized construction, ensure safe operation, but also check the quality of construction.”Gong Tianyu, a 22-year-old technician wearing a hard hat and reflective vest, inspected and recorded the construction of the invert inside the tunnel, the effect of wet spraying of the primary support, whether the steel bars embedded in the secondary lining were up to standard and the arrangement of drainage pipes.”In the tunnel, after the initial support wet spraying, should steel bar or arch be erected first?”One side from time to time came the technician Zhao Huanyu loudly asked.After graduating from college in July 2021, he put down roots deep in the Tianshan Mountains.There are four shafts above Tianshan Shengli Tunnel to realize longitudinal ventilation like chimneys, which plays an important role in realizing the “long tunnel short play” in tunnel construction and the ventilation after the tunnel is opened to traffic.Zhao Huanyu as the no.1 shaft technician, daily ride 8 tons of buckets down the continuous digging of the shaft tunnel, check the construction situation.In this worldwide project, “excellence” has become the consensus of every builder, zhao Huanyu has a deep understanding of this.Once, he will no. 1 shaft a sealing construction effect map reported, the relevant person in charge asked about the distribution of drainage pipes, the length of water stop and other basic parameters, he is difficult to answer accurately.After that, the competitive Zhao Huanyu took advantage of the rest time, the more than 140 pages of no. 1 shaft engineering drawings over and over again, the project section, the distribution of water stop pipe, the location of buried steel bar and other parameters master.Zhao huanyu was also transferred to be in charge of the sewage treatment plant renovation and expansion project construction.The construction site of Tianshan Shengli Tunnel is close to the water source of Urumqi city, so the construction sewage treatment is very important.The reporter saw that the construction sewage in the tunnel is flowing to the sewage treatment plant along the special channel.”Water sources must be protected at all costs.”Wang Heqi said, “The construction of the tunnel to implement sewage diversion.Mountain clear water through a special channel into the water source.Construction waste water flows into the sewage treatment plant, which cost more than 10 million won, and can only be released when it reaches class II quality.Late at night in the Tianshan Mountains, the cave is still brightly lit.Cui Huaxin, 26, deputy chief engineer of the project, wearing a dust mask and helmet, took a shuttle bus into the cave and began to coordinate and direct the preparation of the hard rock tunnel boring machine (TBM).After graduating from underground engineering and tunnel engineering in 2015, Cui huaxin operated the shield machine and participated in the construction of subway projects in Wuhan and Changsha.He moved here after the Victory Tunnel was opened.Cui Huaxin, a skillful technician, was able to skillfully operate the TBM, which is more than 280 meters long, after a short adaptation.”In the past, it was only necessary to operate the roadheader well, but now it is necessary to coordinate and ensure the normal operation of each link, such as the hole, transportation, tunneling and maintenance.”Cui Huaxin said, “To ensure progress, on time to hit the ‘hard bone’.”(Economic Daily reporter Ma Chengzhong) Power patrol protect 10,000 January 31, lunar New Year’s Eve.During the festival, Lu Composition, deputy director of Jiuquan Power Transmission And Inspection Center of State Grid Gansu Power Transmission and Transformation Company, returned to jiuquan Power transmission and inspection Center after a short rest at home.In this Spring Festival, he arranged all the tasks of electricity protection, emergency repair and so on.”The lines we operate and maintain are densely packed with uHV channels, which are the arteries of power transmission from the west to the east. We cannot relax our efforts.”Lu composition said the ultra-high pressure dense channel refers to ±1100 kv Jiquan DC, ±800 kv Qishao DC, Tianzhong DC, they cross gansu Hexi Corridor, the northwest region of clean energy to Hunan, Anhui, Henan and other places.February 1, the first day of the first lunar month, 7:10.Lu composition organized the operation and maintenance personnel to hold a pre-class meeting, clear the day’s work content and matters needing attention, then began the day’s work.Lu Composition and Sun Haihong and other operation and maintenance personnel will go to Yinda Town, Suzhou District, Jiuquan City, for inspection of transmission equipment.”Report to production control center, we have arrived on site, request to start the inspection.”After arrived at the scene, operations staff for the first time to report of electricity transmission &transformation facilities production command center is located in lanzhou, gansu, the personnel on duty after received the report, issued an instruction in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control system, remote control drones from dense along the fixed nest rises, for intensive channel with the upper part of inspection.Rows of imposing high-voltage towers move slowly on a large monitor screen in the company’s production command center.The scene of Lu Composition and Sun Haihong carefully on the ground part of the inspection, for fear of letting go of any hidden dangers.”The uHP dense channel is normal, the weather is good, and no abnormal conditions have been found.”After the drone report back to the nest, this section of the line inspection is completed, Lu Composition and colleagues will rush to the next section.In recent years, State Grid Gansu Electric Power Company has built a panoramic intelligent control platform for power transmission. Through the first-level deployment and multi-level application of power transmission line UAV control system, autonomous inspection and mobile inspection operations of UAV are promoted and applied to realize the visualization of personnel inspection track and the online and mobile whole process of inspection operations.The uav inspection system with complementary advantages and collaborative operation has been built. Mobile nests, fixed nests and personnel carrying DRONES have been used to realize the intelligent evolution from “human patrol covering 100 roads” to “aircraft patrol covering more than 10,000 mountains”.”We inspectors with solid steps measuring the earth, with hard sweat for the lights, hard point is worth it.”Lu composition said.(Economic Daily News reporter Li Zhigang) Industry thriving villagers recently, the reporter walked into Hainan Ledong Li Autonomous County Xianfeng Town Weng MAO village, clean cement road, continuous piece of fruit plantations, a new atmosphere of industrial development, rich life.In the past, Weng MAO village is a poor village, inconvenient transportation, weak industry, the villagers difficult life.Great changes have taken place in this small mountain village since poverty alleviation, especially since the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.Relying on the rapid development of farming, Weng MAO village has become a prosperous village.Chen Teming, a villager who is now a poverty alleviation leader, is especially busy these days.As a newly elected member of the “two committees” of the village, he is not only busy with the affairs of the village, but also busy with his own breeding and planting.A few years ago, when Chen’s three children were in college or technical secondary school, a typhoon knocked down banana trees in the field, plunging the family into trouble.When he was at a loss, the Hainan Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation helped Weng MAO village by setting up a black goat breeding professional cooperative.”The poverty alleviation team arranged for my husband and I to work in the base, where we could earn 6,000 yuan a month. We soon improved our living conditions and were no longer poor.”Chen Tai-ming said.Using the farming skills he learned as a migrant worker, Chen started raising his own black goats, from a handful to 37 now. Along with acres of areca trees and vegetables, his family’s income soared.In Wongmao, black goat farming makes a good living for sheep farmers like Chen.Xu Sihua, head of the village’s rural revitalization task force and the first secretary of the village, told reporters: “Industry is the key to rural revitalization.We will closely seize the key link of characteristic industries, adopt policies based on villages and local conditions, develop characteristic and competitive industrial projects, and effectively increase farmers’ incomes.”Since 2017, Hainan Tax Bureau has invested to support the industry of Wongmao Black goat breeding base, adopting the mode of “company + cooperative + peasant household”. Every year, the base produces more than 500 black goats, with the consumption assistance amount of about 1 million yuan and the villagers’ per capita dividend of about 800 yuan.Through various measures such as differentiated dividend sharing, shift work system, attendance system and so on, the black goat breeding base can increase the income of the poverty-stricken households through dividend sharing, cultivate breeding technical personnel, provide nearby jobs, and mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the poverty-stricken households for re-employment.In 2021, the black goat breeding base will distribute 525,000 yuan in profit funds, benefiting a total of 686 people from 141 households out of poverty.”We will actively explore the ‘Party building plus’ model for rural revitalization, use party building to lead the development and expansion of village collective economy, and strive to build a village with a better environment, richer villagers and stronger industries,” Xu said.(Economic Daily reporter Pan Shipeng) Source: Economic Daily