Retrograde car and forward car “confrontation” Wujiang 318 national road this scene is breathtaking

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Report from our correspondent (reporter wang ying) recently, wujiang Fen lake national highway 318 staged a thrilling scene: the wee hours, driving a car into the lane to reverse and normal running vehicle head on “confrontation”, then rush back, on his way back from the central stone happen straight cut, the last driver was completely disregard their own CheSun and damaged public facilities, fled the scene.One morning before the Spring Festival, Wujiang Fenhu Traffic police squadron received a passer-by alarm, said fenhu 318 national Road into the town of a single accident.After the police arrived at the scene, the intersection was found to be a mess, the road central isolation stone pier was hit shift, anti-collision bucket was knocked over on the ground, but the scene and no vehicle.Police cleaned up the scene and then launched an investigation.Video display, a grey car from PuBei road turn right into the 318 national road, who knows in big ways directly into to the driveway, and out of tens of meters, in the front on a white car, parked in situ on both sides “confrontation” for a few seconds, a grey car reversing “retreat”, backed up with road isolated stone occurred in the process of continuous cut, open the rear of the bull barrels,Move into your driveway and leave the scene.After police found out the vehicle information, at 8 o ‘clock in the morning in a company dormitory found the driver Yang mou, Yang mou body still has a strong smell of alcohol, police then Yang mou alcohol breath test, the result was 93mg/100ml, although away from the incident time has passed about 8 hours, Yang mou is still in a drunken state.According to Yang, the night before the incident with your colleagues in your grill to eat food taken late at night, drank half a jin of liquor, after driving back home, unable to properly control the vehicle partway through wine strength, hence the beginning scene, the subsequent groggy to drive a car, sleep to 7 PM in the morning in the car, the car to car repairs, is taking a taxi back to the company’s dormitory,Prepare to continue to rest when police seized.The wujiang District public Security Bureau has taken criminal measures against Yang on suspicion of dangerous driving. His driving license will be revoked and he will not be allowed to apply for a new license for five years.In addition, Yang mou should not only assume all their car damage, but also compensate for the damage of the road public facilities.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)