The Cheung Lee alumnus was praised for creating more than 40 sculptures for the six Olympic Games

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Sanxiang Metropolis Daily reporter Wu Peizhen all media reporter Yang Sihan Huang Jing in Beijing Shougang Park Winter Olympics organizing Committee office building, a beautiful shape, unique color sculpture quietly stand.The sculpture, titled “Date of the Winter Olympics,” features two Olympic champions from the East and west traveling through time to meet for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.The sculpture is written by huang Jian, an 80 outstanding alumnus of Changsha University of Science and Technology and a visiting professor of the School of Design and Art. Huang jian is the first Chinese sculpture artist awarded “Olympic Art Envoy” by the International Olympic Committee.February 18, the reporter line Huang Jian, to listen to her story.Bring Huang Jian works, the games organizers art landmark “of the games are about” bring vice chairman of the international Olympic committee, the Beijing 2022 Olympics coordination commission chairman Juan Antonio samaranch (right) to our school level 80 alumni, Chinese sculpture artists Huang Jian (left) “Olympic art angel” honorary title, “about the games” is one of the series for Beijing Olympics Huang Jian production.As early as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Huang Jian focused his creation on the Olympic Games.She insisted on combining the symbols of ancient Chinese traditional culture with the local cultural characteristics of various Olympic host cities, which not only highlighted the spirit of Chinese culture, but also reflected the concept of diverse cultural exchanges and resonance.As the first Chinese sculpture artist in the world to be awarded “Olympic Art Envoy” by the International Olympic Committee, Huang Jian has created more than 40 sculptures for the 6 Olympic Games over the years.▲ Huang Jian’s “Concentric Dreams”.The Olympic goddesses joined hands with the Goddess of the Moon and flew into space to bless the Olympics.On the occasion of the Tokyo Olympic Games, President Bach signed the work and asked the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee to send a letter of thanks, saying, “I sincerely thank Ms. Huang Jian for her support and contribution to the Olympic movement and art.”▲ Huang Jian’s “The Promise of Ten Thousand Years”.One is a hunter-gatherer galloping in the vast snowy plains of northern China, and the other is an alpine skier from the West. They travel through time and met at the skiing venue of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.The Olympic Flame sculpture series by Huang Jian, the “Olympic art envoy”, was selected as the flame collection ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”Olympic Flame” sculpture shows the ancient Greek goddess of victory after three thousand years of wind and rain in Beijing, holding the Olympic flame of peace for the Olympic goddess, holding doves and olive branches, jade on the lotus, a symbol of peace and beauty.International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach praised the Olympic flame as a great symbol of light, unity, friendship, peace and justice, and will become a beacon of hope in the fight against COVID-19.As the theme sculpture of the Beijing Winter Olympics, “Olympics and Dreams” portrays the goddess of peace and beauty from China and Greece, two ancient civilizations of the East and the West, in a romantic way.Dressed in lotus and neon clothes, the Goddess of the Moon and the Goddess of the Olympic Games holding the Olympic rings hand in hand with the goddess of the Olympic Games wearing olive branches, forming a heart-to-heart pattern, dancing harmoniously with the sun and the moon in the vast sky, spreading the sound of Olympic peace to the sky.The work symbolizes the opening of a new era of space Olympics after the ancient and modern Olympics, and expresses the beautiful ideal and auspicious meaning that the Chinese people and the people of the world work together to realize the peaceful dream of space Olympics and create a community with a shared future for mankind.Huang Jian said, through the form of sculpture art, the excellent traditional Culture of the Chinese nation and the Olympic spirit of peace, and spread the Olympic Games to every Olympic host city, this is the meaning of her persistent creation.[Editor: Hu Yuanyuan][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]