The second two when “back home” everyone “uncle” attention!

2022-05-31 0 By

Today is the second day of the first lunar month, when married daughters go back to their parents’ home, their husbands accompany them, so it is commonly known as “Welcome Son-in-law Day”.On this day, the activities of returning home and visiting relatives and friends are frequent. In such a happy day, there are a group of sons-in-law who are often absent. Because of the particularity of their work, they cannot accompany their daughter-in-law to go home for the Spring Festival.For them, the word “year” more is the dredging of the traffic line, emergency rescue, the station guard at the intersection and the guard in the duty room.Two when the public security traffic police tip: today, “back home” “uncle” don’t try to be brave, don’t drink, don’t speed……A campaign is being launched to clean up traffic violations on key urban roads, national and provincial roads, and county and township roads.Traffic police are waiting for you at every major intersection during the Spring Festival holiday in the wind and rain